How to make cottage cheese of chloride calcium

How to make cottage cheese of chloride calcium

Cottage cheese is loved by both adults, and children. Therefore in shops very wide choice of this product. But more often people refuse purchased cottage cheese in favor of house. It is much more useful and it can be prepared independently.

It is required to you

  • milk
    • chloride calcium


1. The easiest way of preparation of home-made cottage cheese - with use of additional resources of the chemical food industry. So, for example, chloride calcium is very popular in house production. With its help cottage cheese is cooked as follows: warm up approximately to 40 degrees a raw milk, best of all will approach market, rural. But it is possible to use and any other - pasteurized, sterilized and delactosed. The last, as a basic material for preparation of a dietary product, will suit those people for whom the intolerance of protein of cow's milk - lactose is diagnosed. Also don't forget that the fat content of final weight, so taste and friability directly depends on a type of milk which you use for preparation of cottage cheese.

2. Milk it is necessary to stir slowly constantly. At the same time, without stopping, pour in it in ten-percentage solution of calcium of chloride. It can easily be found and bought in each pharmacy. Don't overdo! Experts assure: on 0.5 liters of milk there is quite enough 1-1.5 tablespoons of medicine. If to put it too much, then cottage cheese will turn out too bitter.

3. Bring milk to the boil. When weight is curtailed, remove capacity from fire and cool the turned-out weight. To receive a final product, take a gauze or a sieve with very small grid, and lay out on them curds. It is necessary in order that excess water flew down, and cottage cheese became friable.

4. Strengthen the health by means of home-made cottage cheese. It not only is much more tasty purchased, but also it is more useful. Such product - a fine source of calcium, it strengthens teeth and bones of the person. Also calcium normalizes work of nervous system, intensifies fermentation and helps fibrillation processes. But more than 100 grams in day of home-made kaltsirovanny cottage cheese the doctors are don't recommend because it can lead to violation of mineral exchange.

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