How to make lemon juice

How to make lemon juice

Without any exaggerations, fresh juice of a lemon is one of the most useful drinks. Components which contain in it help to support an organism in a tone, and to immunity to be prepared for a meeting with viruses.

It is required to you

  • Several lemons, knife and the device for juicing.


1. It is necessary to take one or two lemons, to wash in warm water with soap, to wipe and dry up. Everyone their lemons should be cut on two parts across a cut. Best of all for preparation of lemon juice the press is suitable for a citrus. It represents the vertical mechanism, with a cone in the middle and openings on which halves of lemons are put. The main advantage of this process consists in profitability and convenience. The device for juicing is with little effort put in action by the lever which presses a fruit half from top to down. Then juice under a press almost without the rest is squeezed out in a special glass. This mechanism is very simple, but at the same time is reliable. It qualitatively strains off all stones and streaks, without getting to juice.

2. For juice preparation the juice extractor well will be suitable for a citrus. To squeeze out juice thus, it is necessary to wash lemons and to cut them in half. Despite assurances of many producers, this method isn't the most economic. Often losses when juicing by means of the juice extractor for citruses are up to 30 percent.

3. The most economic way is juicing in the ordinary juice extractor. For this purpose it is necessary to wash one-two lemons and to peel them. It is possible to make it by means of a knife or the peeler. The cleaned lemons should be cut on segments and to put in standard electric the juice extractor. Juice will be ready several seconds later. This way allows to avoid a large number of losses, however demands considerable amount of time for cleaning and cutting of lemons.

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