What mulled wine differs from a grog in

What mulled wine differs from a grog in

Mulled wine and grog – hot beverages for which preparation use alcohol. The main distinction of these drinks is that for cooking of one use wine, and for another stronger drink – rum.

Mulled wine: history and beverage composition, technology of preparation

The word mulled wine comes from the German glühender Wein that means "the flaring wine", drink received such name because for its preparation use hot red wine. It is considered that Ancient Rome as here began to use red wine with addition of spices was the homeland of drink, but nevertheless it was not absolutely yet mulled wine as drank its cool.

Hot drink became popular in Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic, Great Britain and Switzerland approximately in the 18th century, at this time its began to prepare during national holidays and also sold in the Christmas markets. Mulled wine enjoyed wide popularity in winter time, with it warmed, cured of cold and helped to restore forces.

Classical mulled wine is cooked on red dry wine, with addition of spices in it (carnations, nutmeg, cardamom, ginger, bay leaf), sugar, water and fruit. Sometimes for increase in fortress add a little cognac to mulled wine or rum. Cook mulled wine as follows, separately boil water with spices and 10-15 minutes infuse it. Then wine is slightly warmed up on small fire, pour in it in infusion of spices, add sugar and fruit, after that hold a little more on fire, without bringing to the boil at all. The ready hot beverage is spilled on glasses at once and drunk small drafts.

Grog – drink of sailors

Drink from rum, water and sugar instead of clean rum for the first time appeared in a diet of the British sailors in 1740, by order of the vice admiral Edward Vernon carrying a nickname the Old Grog. For sailors the grog was rescue from a scurvy, overcooling, cold and at the same time saved them from alcoholism because of much smaller, than at rum, fortress. The grog from one part of rum and three parts of water was pumped to sailors of the royal fleet every day before cancellation of this order in July, 1970. And though the rule was cancelled, drink became popular not only among old salts, but also at the ordinary population. For its preparation began to use not only hot water, but also tea, began to add juice of a lemon, spice. To prepare a grog, water is brought to the boil, then add to it tea leaves, spices and insisted 5-7 minutes. Then infusion is filtered and add to it juice of a lemon and rum, ready drink drink small drinks, for time no more than one glass.

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