What to stuff champignons with

What to stuff champignons with

The stuffed champignons – a tasty and rich dish. It can move as snack or as a garnish for fish and meat. It is possible to stuff champignons with different stuffings, using for this purpose vegetables, cheese and also boiled or fried meat, fish, a bird.

The champignons stuffed with eggs

For preparation of the stuffed champignons according to this recipe it will be required:

- 8-10 large champignons; - 2 eggs (hard-boiled);

- 200 g of cheese; - 1 head of onions; - 2 garlic gloves; - sour cream; - parsley greens; - fennel; - ground black pepper; - salt;

- vegetable oil. Very carefully wipe champignons with wet towel wipes. Then remove at leg mushrooms, and boil hats in the added some salt boiling water within 5 minutes. Then catch a skimmer on a dish.

Clean onions and garlic gloves from a peel. Cut a bulb with small pieces, and crush garlic a knife. Grate hard-boiled eggs. Small chop legs of champignons and fry together with onions on vegetable oil. Add grated eggs, the crushed garlic, salt and pepper. Stuff with the prepared weight hats of champignons, water everyone from above with sour cream and strew with a grated cheese. Shift the prepared champignons to the oiled baking tray and put in a hot oven for 10-15 minutes to be baked. Before giving on a table decorate stuffed mushrooms with greens of parsley and fennel. It is possible to drip also on each hat several drops of the Chile sauce or spicy ketchup.

The champignons stuffed with vegetables

To prepare the mushrooms stuffed with vegetables it is necessary to take: - 8 large champignons; - 1 bulb; - ½ pods of paprika; - 80 g of cheese; - 1 tsps of starch; - 1 ½ tsps of wheat flour; - 1 tablespoons of sour cream (20-25% of fat content); - 1 tablespoons of cream (10-20% of fat content); - 2-3 tablespoons of tinned corn; - dried herbs (basil, thyme); - ground black pepper; - salt; - vegetable oil. Wipe champignons with a towel, cut out legs and accurately remove plates. Then crush pulp and legs and roast on vegetable oil together with chopped onions and the paprika cut by small pieces. Add dried herbs, couple of tablespoons of tinned corn, fill all with salt and a sprinkling pepper. Mix. Grate cheese and postpone for powder about 8 teaspoons with the hill. Put potato starch and the sifted wheat flour in other cheese, well mix, add sour cream and cream. Then in the made sauce shift the fried vegetable mix. Carefully mix everything and fill hats of champignons, from above strew everyone with a grated cheese. Oil a baking tray vegetable, lay out on it the stuffed hats, add a little water and bake in an oven at a temperature of 180 wasps about 25 minutes.

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