Where and when L.W. Beethoven was born

Where and when L.W. Beethoven was born

The German composer Ludwig van Beethoven was a key figure of the western classical music, now he is one of the most dear and executed composers in the world.

Family in which Beethoven was born

Ludwig van Beethoven was born on December 16, 1770 in the city of Bonn. Future great German composer was baptized on December 17 the same year. Except the German blood in his veins flowed Flemish, the grandfather on the father was born in Flanders in 1712, some time he served choristers in Luvena and Ghent, and then moved to Bonn. The grandfather of the composer was a good singer, very clever person and perfectly trained instrumentalist. In Bonn Beethoven's grandfather became the court musician of a chapel of the archbishop Cologne, then received a position of the court conductor, it was highly esteemed at people around.

The father Ludwig Beethoven was called Johann, since childhood he sang in the archbishop's chapel, however subsequently his position became precarious. He drank much and conducted chaotic life. Mother of future great composer María Magdalena Lyme was the cook's daughter. In family was born seven children, however only three sons survived, Ludwig was the most senior of them.


Beethoven grew in poverty, his father spent on drink all the small salary. At the same time he was engaged with the son much, trained it in playing a piano and a violin, hoping that young Ludwig will become new Mozart and will provide family. Subsequently to Beethoven's father nevertheless added a salary counting upon the future of his hardworking and gifted son. Little Beethoven's training was provided by very cruel methods, the father forced the four-year-old child to play for hours and hours on a violin or to sit at a piano. In the childhood Beethoven uncertainly owned a violin, giving preference to a piano. He liked to improvise more, than to be improved in technique of a game. In 12 years Ludwig van Beethoven wrote three sonatas for a harpsichord, and in 16 already enjoyed wide popularity in Bonn. His endowments drew attention of some educated Bonn families. Education of the young composer was not systematic, however he played on the organ and a viola, acted in court orchestra. The Bonn court organist Nefe became his first true music teacher. Beethoven for the first time visited the musical capital of Europe Vienna in 1787. Mozart heard Beethoven's game and predicted to him the big future, but Ludwig soon had to come back home, his mother was dying, and future composer had to become the only supporter of family.

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