The list of useful household trifles if in the house wait for replenishment

The list of useful household trifles if in the house wait for replenishment

Expectation of the child – an unusual, wonderful time. Absolutely new life begins, it is necessary so many to manage to make, prepare, to buy by the birth of the new person. Of course, you will think of children's things first of all. And I will tell you about useful household trifles


1. Board on a bathtub. This special board which is put on a bathtub that on it it was possible to put something. There are they wooden and plastic. At me plastic – and I am happy, they easier wooden on weight. I recommend to take two such pieces because on them it is possible to put a children's bath. And still, it is possible to connect two such boards, to put on them a soft tourist rug and to lay there the kid to change a diaper and to wash it a shower – conveniently, it is possible not to buy a changing table even

2. Packages double boilers. These are special packages for the microwave oven about a zip lock. In them it is possible to prepare anything in only a few minutes, and the dish prepared as though on couple will turn out. They will be necessary for you to cook food for themselves and the family as on cooking the first months there will be not enough time and forces. And still, when you will begin to give to the kid a feeding up, it is possible to cook quickly in such packages vegetables, to do puree and to give to the child

3. Strainer. To wipe to the kid through him various fruit when the feeding up begins. Not everything can be made the blender, sometimes by means of a strainer it is possible to reach the best consistence

4. Christmas garland. It is possible to hang up it to the children's room and to include periodically – to it it will be very interesting to kid to watch multi-colored sparks

5. Convenient mop. When the kid learns, floors will need to be wiped every day. For this purpose you near at hand always have to have a convenient mop that it was possible to make quickly damp cleaning and to let the kid to creep

6. Wall calendar of the current year. There you will be able to fix, circling those dates which cannot be missed in a circle. For example, reception at the pediatrician, the beginning of drug intake and other usefulness

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