Why war ""cold"

Why war ""cold"

In post-war world history of the 20th century "Cold War" occupies one of the central places, still remaining a reminder of what fragile can be the world in the conditions of bipolarity.


1. The coldwarterm " " was published in 1945 in article of the famous writer George Orwell. As well as many talented science fiction writers, Orwell actually predicted a situation in which there were world powers after World War II. He said that emergence of atomic weapons will actually divide the world between several sverkhgosudarstvo which will be forced to be preparing constantly for opposition, however because of lethality of atomic bombs they will try to prevent open military operations also in every way.

2. The post-war world was divided into two camps. In the first there were countries of Western Europe and the USA which proclaimed democracy ideals, and the Soviet Union and communistic adjusted states got to the second. Both leading superstates had atomic weapons therefore business never reached open fighting collisions: commanders of both countries understood that in nuclear war it is almost impossible to remain the winner.

3. Nevertheless "Cold War" claimed many lives as superstates by means of military force advocated the interests in the third countries, trying to divide the whole world into spheres of influence. The most known conflicts – the Korean war, Vietnam and Afghanistan, however actually them was such much more. Besides the local military conflicts, "Cold War" was characterized by arms race, promotion, espionage war, provocations, frightening maneuvers on both sides.

4. This opposition lasted more than 50 years, since 1947 when the USA entered "Marshall plan" - the program of support of the countries, affected from war, in exchange for removal of communists from the governments, and finishing 1990 when the Berlin wall was destroyed. In spite of the fact that the world several times was literally on a hair from the third world, opposition of two ideological opponents did not develop into an open phase therefore this period and carries the name of "Cold War".

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