As glass is produced

As glass is produced

Knew about glass in 7000 years B.C. This period dates the found glass beads in Ancient Egypt. Nevertheless, the plants on production of glass appeared only in the 17th century. Two ways of receiving glass are the most known: method Furko and Float. Presently Furko's method is almost not used therefore we will describe process of receiving glass by Float method.

It is required to you

  • - special production equipment.


1. Prepare raw materials. For this purpose place mix from input products in the furnace and dilute with water. It is necessary in order that the necessary components to separate from third-party impurity.

2. Further melt raw materials: at first melt at a temperature about 1500-1600 °C, then remove vials of gas from the melted glass, further, that it was more convenient to stretch fusion through a special bathtub with tin, cool it to viscosity.

3. Create the surface of glass. For this purpose in the prepared bathtub with tin which is melted (depth of 6-10 millimeters, not above) pour out liquid glass. Thickness of future glass can be regulated amount of the fusion which is poured out in a bathtub. The bathtub has to be executed in the form of a tape. Fusion of glass and liquid metal do not mix up because of high viscosity. This property provides for both materials the surface of contact ideally smooth. And it, in turn, guarantees high quality of a surface of glass.

4. The final stage – annealing and cutting flew down. At first slowly cool the received tape of glass up to the cutting temperature. Then cut the necessary sizes sheets of glass.

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