– as it is correct to Giperekstenziya to do?

– as it is correct to Giperekstenziya to do?

Giperekstenziya – exercise which allows to pump over muscles of a back, buttocks and hips. Carry out it on the special exercise machine which does not take a lot of place and if desired it can be got for house use.

How it is correct to do a giperekstenziya?

Many people, carrying out this exercise, make mistakes therefore do not receive desirable result. Besides non-compliance with the equipment can lead to getting injured. Experts claim that this exercise should be carried out most carefully, controlling each movement.

Technology of performance of a giperekstenziya for a back:

  1. Settle down on the exercise machine so that the person was directed down, and hips rested against a bench. Anklebones have to be on the special roller. Hands can be got for the head or to cross on a breast. It is possible to carry out a giperekstenziya with burdening. In that case the person picks up pancake and holds it at the level of a breast.
  2. Slowly lower a trunk to the lower point on a breath, at the same time holding legs and a back straight lines. Such position leads to the fact that the waist and buttocks well stretches.
  3. Smoothly on a breath rise up to situation when the back and legs form a straight line. Carrying out exercise, it is necessary to strain muscles of hips and buttocks. It is recommended to do till 15-20 times in 4 approaches.

If to take away one leg, then the main loading concentrates on gluteuses and the back surface of a hip.

Correctly to carry out a giperekstenziya with a weight and without it, it is worth stopping on the most widespread mistakes which are made by athletes. Many people in the top point cave in in a waist. Unnecessary tension in cervical department is created by flexures of the head in the top situation. One more mistake – bending of legs in knees. It is impossible to do sharp movements as it can lead to serious injuries.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team