As the goddess Athena looks

As the goddess Athena looks

Athena - one of the most esteemed goddesses of the Olympus. Not without reason she is considered the patroness of heart of Greece - Attica in which the city called in her honor - Athens is located. The appearance of the goddess of wisdom, just war, crafts, arts and knowledge is known to us for a set of its images and sculptures which remained to us from ancient inhabitants of Hellas.


1. All descriptions and Pallas Athena's images indicate that to people she was in an image of the tall light-haired woman with big gray eyes and an ideal bearing. In ""Illiad"" by Homer Pallas is described as ""sovooky"" that is as the woman with the huge eyes full of wisdom.

2. Clothes and attributes Athens are various, she patronizes several major human activities. The most widespread image Athens significantly differs from appearance of other female goddesses of the Olympic pantheon. The fact is that only Athena was represented in an armor, on her head a helmet with a high crest always flaunted, in a hand there was a spear. Homer in detail describes how Athena, preparing for fight, puts on an armor and arms.

3. Even in pictures where all Greek goddesses are represented by naked, it is possible to recognize Athena by a helmet and a spear in a hand at once. The helmet visor Athena is always lifted that all could enjoy her supernal loveliness. Athena was a patroness not only wars and strategy, but also agriculture and crafts therefore it is not always represented in an armor, often it can be seen in a plain tunic and with some gift to mankind in a hand. It is considered that Athena presented to people a spindle, a plow, a bridle for a horse, taught them to build the ships, all this can be seen on some of her images.

4. The most wonderful gift for which Greeks are infinitely grateful to Athena, - an olive tree. Without Athena the Greeks could never taste olives and olive oil therefore Athens is obligatory attribute of the majority of images an olive wreath, an olive branch or an olive tree.

5. Athena often holds the Greek board in hand - aegis on which Medusa Gorgona's head is represented. Often on a shoulder Athens the owl - a wisdom symbol sits.

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