Four styles of education

Four styles of education

Education of the child is impact of parents and the world around on behavior and formation of the personality. As a rule, there are 4 different styles of education of children.

Authoritative style of education

It is confidentially sociable style in which parents establish borders and rules, but at the same time explain to the child about importance of their observance and explain as well as why the child has to do so, but not differently. That the child followed rules, he has to understand why and why it needs to do it.

 At such approach to education, children grow up self-assured, with the accurately developed opinion, they are independent and seldom subject to others influence. They quietly accept conventions of society, not slopes to aggression, they have a high self-assessment and they are simply happy.

 The organization, independence and tendency to the management, is positive sides of education in this style.

Authoritative style of education

In this style the parents also establish rules and duties for the child, but at the same time if the child does not carry out them, then disobedience is followed by punishment, and, as a rule, without explanations.

In principle, the children who grew up in such atmosphere are quite obedient. But in adulthood will not be able to be heads, it is rather performers, because of a low self-assessment and to huge requirements to itself.

Here such children are very inclined to aggression, showing the discontent to everything that they do not understand and do not know or just it is not pleasant to them.

Inattentive style of education

Such style has an untoward influence on children. Here children are provided to themselves, nobody watches them and directs. There are no rules and norms that results further in asocial behavior of the child.

Hostility to peers, as well as to adults, the main line of their character. Escapes from the house, theft and other offenses are not excluded. The bad progress, lack of self-checking, harmful influences their further life.

Permissiveness in style of education

It is the liberal style in which parents allow the beloved child to create that to it will like. There are no punishments for offenses and restrictions in something. Such children have no authority among peers, they are dependent and are not organized. Low progress for such children not a rarity. As a rule, grow aggressive egoists who are afraid of responsibility.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team