How it is correct to glue wall-paper on a flizelinovy basis?

How it is correct to glue wall-paper on a flizelinovy basis?

Most of experts have disputable opinions on how it is correct to glue wall-paper on a flizelinovy basis. Practically all from them are convinced that there is no more good stuff for pasting of walls.

These statements can be verified in practice as among the population demand for such wall-paper continues to increase.

Qualities and characteristics of flizelinovy wall-paper:

  1. Roll width – 1.06 meters that allows to reduce twice joints in the room what you will not tell about usual wall-paper.
  2. Material has wear resistance and firmness.
  3. Allow to hide defects which can be on a surface of walls.
  4. If there is desire to replace wall-paper, then they act from walls dry that very much saves time and forces.
  5. Throughout long time do not change color.
  6. Walls can be pasted over from a roll.
  7. Glue is applied on a surface, but not on a cloth.

Flizelinovy wall-paper can be painted many times that will allow at desire to change a room interior.

How it is correct to glue flizelinovy meter wall-paper?

For those to whom it is interesting how it is correct to glue wide wall-paper it is necessary to know that, first of all, it is necessary to be prepared. At first it is necessary to level well the wall basis, and then to progruntovat it by means of hard putty. Now glue for wall-paper is prepared:

  1. To take a 10-liter bucket, to pour in it water half.
  2. To quickly enter packing of glue into water and to stir it clockwise.
  3. After transformation of glue into jelly, it needs to be diluted a little with water that it gained smetanoobrazny consistence.

It is necessary to glue flizelinovy wall-paper beginning from a window, but as it is correct to make it not all know. It is necessary to begin – to paste from a corner in this place wall-paper with a small zavorot. This corner is coated with glue then the roll of wall-paper is unwound and pasted to a wall, at the same time it is necessary to straighten carefully a cloth by means of the plastic pallet. When pasting the front page of wall-paper it is recommended to use level not to face risk that wall-paper will be pasted with curvature.

How it is correct to glue wall-paper end-to-end?

To hide a joint, the cloth is at first put to a wall closer to the next strip of wall-paper and finally draws near it hands.

After that wall-paper needs to be smoothed with the plastic roller.

Thus, it is necessary to continue pasting of the room by flizelinovy wall-paper.

How it is correct to glue flizelinovy wall-paper on a ceiling?

Before starting pasting of wall-paper on a ceiling, it needs to be cleaned from whitewashing or old wall-paper.

Working area is leveled, cracks are closed up, all sherekhovatost are removed. At a problem ceiling surface it is recommended to use the flizelinovy wall-paper having the large drawing that will allow to hide defects visually. The surface becomes covered with primer which has to dry not less than three hours.

After the ceiling dried the glue structure by means of the painting roller is applied on it. If wall-paper with the drawing is chosen, then it is necessary to pick up them so that all elements of images coincided. Length of each cloth increases by couple of centimeters which should be cut off then. Itself can facilitate work and to number each sheet which has to go one by one.

Cloths on a ceiling surface have to be located parallel to the shortest wall, and the front page is glued on the working site, to an opposite exit. Panels of wall-paper are glued with an overlap, and on the border of the previous cloth the line of a joint is cut off. These recommendations will allow persons interested to bring originality in the interior. Pasting of flizelinovy wall-paper on walls or on a ceiling surface will allow to give to the room of unusual and improbable effect.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team