How often it is necessary to wash?

How often it is necessary to wash?

Each civilized person cares for the hygiene fully. Washing of hands, the heads and bodies – are habitual to all. Each person himself solves for himself how often there have to be water procedures, but nevertheless, there are some established norms to which it is desirable to adhere. To all it is clear that if to wash seldom, it is possible to earn irritation of skin, dermatitis and other diseases, but also too frequent washing of a body can overdry skin and wash away from it a protective layer of microorganisms. In total has to be moderately and therefore it is necessary to know how often it is necessary to wash.

How often does the person need to wash?

By councils of doctors, it is possible to take a shower 2 times a day, but without use of cosmetics. It will allow to get rid of the pathogenic bacteria which are on skin of the person and to remove unpleasant smells. But, at the same time, it is possible to note that with pathogenic bacteria from a body also useful substances are washed away, skin can become dry and be shelled.

Besides, since morning of souls will help to wake up and cheer up, and before going to bed, on the contrary, to relax after day of work and to calm nervous system.

Washing of hands, unlike a shower it is necessary to make during the day out of need: after visit of a toilet, on arrival from the street, before food and in many other cases.

Do not advise often to wash the head, the effect of it is gained opposite, the head will begin to zhirnet quicker and quicker because of violation of structure of hair and a peresushivaniye of head skin.

Surely, it is necessary to pay attention to seasons. In the summer, in hot weather there is a plentiful sweating, and a shower wants to be taken in increasing frequency. And here in winter time all in a different way.

How often it is necessary to wash in the winter?

The human body in winter time is most vulnerable and inclined to catarrhal diseases. To take a shower once a day it is considered the most sufficient. First, in winter time the body becomes soiled less, practically always it is under clothes. Secondly, because of cold weather the organism is weakened and frequent water procedures can do much harm to health.

How often it is necessary to wash with a bast and how it will be reflected in skin?

Experts note that it is impossible to rub often skin, a time too strongly opens and become soiled with a bigger speed and advises simply to take a shower and to wash hands, or very soft sponge. The rough bast is enough to be used once a month.

It is also important what water to wash. It is possible to learn about pluses of hot and cold water below.


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