How quickly to remove a black eye?

How quickly to remove a black eye?

Black eye - it is not obligatory the investigation of a fight as it can develop because of the awkward movement, falling or in other situations. Knowing how quickly to remove black circles under the eyes, it is possible not to be afraid that someone will notice unpleasant hypostasis and blue. As for the physiological point of view, bruise is considered the place of a trauma of soft fabrics that causes damage of cages and vessels.

How it is possible to remove a black eye quickly?

To prevent formation of bruise or at least it is possible to reduce the damaged area only if to render the first to help right after getting injured. Besides, it is important to take this advice correctly.

For a start we will find out how to remove black circles under the eyes from blow by make-shifts. It is necessary to put cold to the place of defeat, it can be the snow or ice wrapped in natural matter. One more option – a cold metal subject, for example, the tablespoon moistened in ice water. Cold needs to be put densely to the place of a bruise and to hold it for 15-30 min. It is possible to use wet towel wipes or towels, but it is important to moisten periodically them in ice water, without giving them the chance to heat up. Low temperatures lead to narrowing of vessels, so, will not flow blood to the struck place. After a compress, it is recommended to grease bruise with special ointment. If it was not succeeded to give first aid at appearance of bruise, then it will not be possible to avoid change of skin color. Then it is possible to use means which will allow to accelerate recovery.

How medicamentous medicines to remove a tumor and a black eye?

Today it is possible to find special ointments in drugstore, cream and gels which promote healing process acceleration. The chosen means has to possess rassasyvayushchy action. It is important to use them regularly.

What means will help to remove a black eye in 2 days:

  1. Troksevazin. Gel needs to be applied for two days each hour. This means promotes strengthening of walls of vessels.
  2. "Sinyak-Off". The extract of a bloodsucker which is contained in ointment, promotes faster resorption of bruise. Still it helps to remove inflammation and hypostasis. It is necessary to apply ointment 5 times a day.
  3. Geparinovy ointment. Anesthetic is a part that helps to get rid of pain. Still this ointment removes hypostasis and increases blood clotting. It is necessary to put it 2-3 times a day.
  4. Lioton. It should be noted good anti-inflammatory action, and still this gel strengthens vessels. It is necessary to use 3 times a day.

Besides, it is in addition possible to take the pill containing vitamin A and askorutin as these substances strengthen capillaries.

How folk remedies quickly to remove black circles under the eyes?

To reduce the period of restoration it is possible to use in addition checked national recipes which are used many years by people for the solution of a similar problem. Let's consider several popular options:

  1. Nonsense. This alga allows to receive good result. It can be found in drugstore in a powdery state. It is necessary to mix 1 h a spoon of seaweed and 2 h a spoon of warm water. Bring to uniformity and put the received weight on the damaged place, having left before full drying. After that wash away. You carry out the procedure 2-3 times a day until the problem disappears.
  2. Cabbage. Take a leaf and beat it a hammer that it became soft and juice was emitted. Cut out a piece which will be more than the struck area, and impose it on bruise for 20 min. Repeat such compresses 3 times a day.
  3. Honey compress. If the place of defeat extensive, then use a honey compress for which mix a yolk, 0.5 tablespoons of flour and on 1 tablespoon of honey and oils. Impose a homogenous mixture on the place of damage, and cover with a film, and then, fabric. You hold for 2-3 h. You carry out such manipulations with morning and in the evening to total disappearance of a problem.


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