How to define the name of a plant

How to define the name of a plant

Houseplants and flowers differ in big variety. Any plant has the features which at cultivation need to be considered. For this purpose it is necessary to know their correct name. It is possible to determine the name of a plant by its external characteristics.


1. Look at the plant. If you see that leaves of a window plant are trimmed simple and ferruterous hairs, and leaves integral with gear edge, most likely, at you a plant of family of geranaceous.

2. The geranium can be defined in one more way. Pound a small piece of a leaf fingers. If you feel a characteristic smell with metal notes, can be sure - at you this plant.

3. Pay attention to the blossoming period. In the winter and in the spring plants of family of a lily family usually blossom. For example, if your plant blossoms in the early spring or in the winter and possesses a pink clustery inflorescence, sitting on a strong peduncle about 50 cm high, know - you have a veltgeymiya.

4. Look at leaves. If leaves dense, are collected in one socket which is densely sitting on the earth and your plant practically does not blossom, and what appears during blossoming and florets to call difficult, most likely, you the owner of a plant of family of a pineappele family. These plants have decorative character because of the fantastically beautiful leaves. They are painted with white-brown strips and make a pleasant impression.

5. Look whether lacteal juice is emitted if to wound a plant. If so, you have a plant of family of euphorbias.

6. Look at connections of leaves. If dense wide leaves are collected in similarity of a fan, at you one of types of room palm trees.

7. If it is not possible to define independently the name of a plant, resort to specialized reference books. But before it carefully make the description of a plant - it will be so easier to define its name. Describe a plant according to such plan: - a general view of a plant (measure its height); - appearance and type of a stalk; - leaves (various types); - flowers and inflorescences (if is); - character and period of blossoming; - fruits and the period of their maturing (if is).

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team