How to determine basal temperature

How to determine basal temperature

In modern life hope for a case – unattainable luxury even if it is about any daily things, and pregnancy planning cannot be neglected at all. The correct measurement of basal temperature will help the woman to define most precisely day of possible conception of the child, to learn about approach of pregnancy and about many other reasonably useful facts.


1. If you want the child long ago, but it is impossible to you, the doctor first of all will advise you measurement of basal temperature throughout several cycles. The schedule received by you will allow to draw conclusions on that, your organism, whether all how correctly works with it as it should be as ovaries when in your cycle there is an ovulation and so on function. Basal temperature very precisely reacts to the hormonal changes happening in a female body it is only necessary to learn to determine it correctly.

2. The doctor at once will explain to you that basal temperature should be taken in a rectum at the same time directly after awakening. In order that indications of measurements remained reliable, it is necessary to adhere to these recommendations strictly. No other dimensions performed in the axillary hollow or what other place, made in other time under other conditions any will have relations to basal temperature. All measurements need to be performed the same thermometer, the ordinary mercury thermometer is more preferable electronic and supplies with more exact information.

3. Prepare the thermometer since evening, put it so that in the morning easily it was possible to reach it, without getting out of a bed. Having woken up in the morning, take the thermometer and, remaining in a bed, enter it into a rectum. To rise, it is impossible to sit down at the same time. Wait time necessary for measurement of temperature, take the thermometer. Now it is possible to rise and write down indications. If you had to get up at night, then between return to a bed and the subsequent measurement there have to pass more than one hour. And surely celebrate this day in the records

4. In general at your schedule there has to be a special column "special marks" in which it is necessary to include all unforeseen accidents. To it can belong late withdrawal for sleeping, intake of medicines or alcohol, stressful states, diseases and many other things. All these records very much will help the doctor in the analysis of the schedule of temperature. You also independently will be able to analyze the schedule, for example, high basal temperature in the second phase of a cycle can demonstrate pregnancy approach, and its falling a day before estimated monthly says that with pregnancy this month nothing left. But your doctor will give you more detailed interpretation of the schedule nevertheless.

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