How to divide alcohol and water

How to divide alcohol and water

Alcohol, gasoline, kerosene and other substances receive as a result of rectification. For a start let's understand some concepts. Rectification - it the word came from Latin of rectificatio and designates straightening, correction. Rectification is ways of division of liquid mixes into components for what use special devices. Such equipment helps to divide aqueous-alcoholic mix into water and alcohol.


1. Rectified alcohol is just ethyl alcohol which was separated from impurity on the special equipment. Fortress of alcohol 91, 17%, but in house conditions to receive alcohol of such fortress very difficult. To divide alcohol and water, it is necessary to banish them under the influence of high temperature via the special device.

2. Use special devices for separation of alcohol from water. Many different devices are created, they differ with designs of knots, details, devices for clarification of alcohol and increase in its concentration. Devices are arranged by the principle of the condensation cutting cameras, the flash drum and rectifying columns enters them. Capacity is filled with liquid which heats up and evaporates. The warmed liquid climbs top in the form of steam cameras where there is a condensation of water which flows down back in capacity. Alcohol in a vaporous state comes to the top camera, cools down and a type of drops arrives on an exit in a spirtopriyemnik. When alcohol becomes less, water as it needs more time for boiling and transition to gaseous state begins to rise. The received alcohol needs to be overtaken once again, then it to turn out bigger fortress.

3. To check quality of alcohol, pour it in a glass vessel and observe its color and transparency, for check of fortress of alcohol use the special device the alcoholometer.

4. In house conditions it is possible just to heat mix. The fact is that temperature of boiling of these liquids different, so, alcohol will begin to boil already at 78 degrees, and water - only at 100. Therefore vapors of alcohol will quickly evaporate, you will have only water. However it is obvious that it will be impossible to collect alcohol vapors. It is only possible to purify with this way water.

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