How to receive ethanol

How to receive ethanol

Ethanol is an ordinary ethyl alcohol on the basis of which produce alcoholic products. In the industry it is received in two ways - spirit fermentation and hydration of ethylene. Production of ethyl alcohol in the first way, is possible also in house conditions, when using some devices.

It is required to you

  • Yeast, sugar, water, rectifying column.


1. Take 5 kg of sugar and dissolve it in warm tap water, it is desirable that water was passed via the filter. Then, in other capacity, dissolve 500 gr yeast. Water has to be warm, from 25 to 30 degrees. Flow solution of yeast to solution of sugar and add waters to the necessary level.

2. Then densely close capacity a cover with an exhaust tube and put it to the warm place. Lower the second end of a tube in the container with water (water lock) that home brew did not contact to air oxygen. Home brew has to stand from 2 to 2.5 weeks.

3. Make moonshine of home brew, with the moonshine still it will be simpler, but there is an alternative way. Take a pan and merge in it home brew. In the middle of a pan put any plate on a support, it is higher than the level of home brew and densely cover all this with a basin with ice water. Put a pan on a plate. Moonshine from a pan will evaporate, and at the bottom of a cold basin will be condensed and drip in a plate. You watch that the basin constantly was cold. After several similar operations, normal moonshine will turn out - it is crude alcohol (ethanol with impurity of fusel oils, etc.)

4. For deeper cleaning, overtake moonshine by means of a rectifying column. It can be made, it represents long cylindrical capacity with the gas outlet in which top part there is a curved copper tube (dephlegmator), in this tube water for cooling proceeds. Fill a cavity of a cylinder with beaten glass, but slightly small that through it there could pass steam and liquid, it serves for increase in contact area of steam and liquid, i.e. increases a mass exchange. When heating, the crude alcohol evaporates, couples rise up and are condensed on a dephlegmator. Drops fall down and interact with steam, taking away from it less volatiles. The facilitated steam, leaves on the gas outlet and is condensed, and raw vodka remains at the bottom. It is so possible to receive 96% ethanol.

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