How to force itself to lose weight?

How to force itself to lose weight?

Obesity – the real trouble of modern society, it inconveniently in itself, does not decorate a figure and provokes a set of diseases. There is a lot of reasons at this phenomenon – the whole complex.

Main reasons and factors of mass spread of obesity

Somewhat, the vast majority of people are hostages of the food industry and its ways of production. We are forced to eat those products which offer us retail chain stores and a market (and there now too, generally products of mass production). Not all (especially residents of the cities) are able to afford to eat the organic products which are grown up independently. Besides, eating habits and traditions not always promote normal healthy food. Well, and plus three more major factors: age, genetic predisposition and hypodynamia.

And still there is such psychological moment: if in human life there are not enough pleasures (and food is one of them), the person begins "to jam" the stresses, troubles and disappointments, compensating the negative points to life.

Happens still that the person wants to seem more, than is actually (mistakenly flat that is so more solid), or is afraid to be easy and harmonious for a number of the psychological reasons.

As a result some people successfully and more than, acquire to themselves extra kilos what they and suffer from.

As how to do?

For a start control quantity and quality of your food – it has to be system and healthy. Fight against an inactive way of life.

Now about question psychology

The psychology does not give definite answers to a question: "how to force itself to lose weight?", however persons interested to bring itself an order nevertheless can give some general recommendations.

Most important: in simple terms, to put the body in order, at first bring order to the head. If you realize that it is necessary to lose weight, it is necessary to decide to grow thin and to begin to do it. Reject laziness and stop to indulge yourself food (the speech about favourite unhealthy, but tasty mayonnaise, sweet, fat). Be not afraid to lose weight to norm (which is calculated elementary on BMI formula, where body weight (in kilograms) naobkhodimo to divide into growth (in meters) in a square). Avoid unchecked fashionable diets, have better a talk with the nutritionist, and maybe the sports therapist. Consult to the psychologist if you have a fear to lose weight as a result of the endured psychoinjuries, the expert will be engaged in your personal case in details. It can help. Be not afraid to look unpresentably, if you lose weight, you will easier go.

You should not suffer type questions: "how psychologically to force itself to lose weight". Convince yourself better that it is necessary and that you will be able surely to lose weight, to be harmonious – it is beautiful, healthy and convenient.

Some say that they cannot force themselves to lose weight because they somehow lack motivation. Is not enough?! If you think of weight loss, so the initial motivation already is. Continue to work on yourself in this direction. Create additional motivations and increase them. Communicate with slender people more often. Try to bring the body to such state when it is pleasant to you (of course, reasonably).

Here, however, there is a subtle aspect. You should not seek to correspond in the ideal everything chosen, thought up or borrowed from public opinion. Some mad girls want to resemble, for example, a doll of Barbie or live anoreksichny models. Such role models are chosen from a lack of intelligence and cultural development. Look at yourself in a mirror whether wonder comfortably to you in the body? Perhaps to grow thin at all and it is necessary? Several excess centimeters on a waist – yet not an occasion to fall into a hysterics, besides it is necessary to consider type of your psychophysical constitution.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team