How to hang up a chandelier on a concrete ceiling?

How to hang up a chandelier on a concrete ceiling?

New things in the house are always pleasant efforts, the new chandelier will refresh design of the room, and will decorate it. But, starting installation, there is a problem – how to hang up a chandelier on a concrete ceiling? The problem will disappear by itself if you are stout desire to make installation, and have the minimum set of devices. The way of fastening, depending on the chosen chandelier can be on a hook or a lath which goes complete with a new thing. In order to avoid troubles, previously remove plafonds and a decor from a chandelier.

For work it is necessary to prepare tools:

  • puncher or hammer drill;
  • screw-driver or screw gun;
  • pobeditovy drill, diameter under a dowel;
  • anchor or screws.

When tools and you are ready to work, we begin to fix a chandelier to a ceiling from concrete.

  1. First of all, apply a lath to a ceiling where you awake to fix a chandelier, and note.
  2. Drill in the planned place if overlapping hollow inside, then it is necessary to measure concrete thickness, too thin material will not allow to keep to fixture. When thickness nevertheless not sufficient, it is possible to displace fastening, to use anchors or to place a wooden level to which to fasten screws a chandelier basis in the panel.
  3. When a lath on the place, connect chandelier wires to the general conducting, twisting them and carefully isolating. You carry out all works at deenergized wires, checking them the screw-driver with the indicator.
  4. Here it is also ready, it was necessary to hang up a chandelier, to fix plafonds and decorative elements.

How to hang up a heavy chandelier on a concrete ceiling?

When the task is complicated by chandelier weight, it is necessary to get special an anchor with an expansion hook, with a diameter of 10-12 mm.

Drill an opening in the right place, insert into it an anchor and knock on it, kind of driving in into a ceiling, it will record fastening. Scroll a hook against the stop, there will be enough 3-5 turns, tightening a hook, the coupling props up the end of a carving of an anchor that will help to rasperet it on all length.

Fastening on the place, it is possible to fix a chandelier, to put plafonds on the lawful place, hide fastening and the sticking-out wires under a decorative cap.

Useful tips

In the presence in a hook ceiling from the previous chandelier, you should not dismantle it, just turn in, perhaps, the following replacement will demand such fixture.

If dust gets to a cartridge of the puncher, it can fail, it is necessary not to allow it, before work pass through a drill a paper, disposable glass a bottom to the boss, such measures will save the tool and will reduce quantity of garbage on a floor. Be extremely attentive with connection, before a smykaniye of wires precisely define zero, a phase and grounding, only then connect. When you work with the indicator, do not touch hands a screw-driver sting, it is very dangerous.

Let your chandelier serve long, and keeps strong, are proud of yourself and the done work.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team