How to learn motherboard model – what the detail where it is, ways of definition of model is

How to learn motherboard model – what the detail where it is, ways of definition of model is

The main components of the system unit of the computer are: the video card, the processor and a large number of chips which are located on one detail. To find out the personal computer parameters, it is necessary to understand how to learn model of the motherboard and where it is.

What is the motherboard?

That who though understands the computer equipment a little it is known that in its work the major role is played by random access memory and the processor. However in order that they most productively worked the link connecting them which the computer motherboard is is necessary. It is the big detail placed in the system unit into sockets of which other components are inserted. The motherboard – a multilayered difficult design which is a basis of a system of the computer.

Among the main functions of the motherboard, it is possible to allocate the following:

  1. Association of all interiors of the computer among themselves.
  2. Transformation of all parts into a uniform working system.
  3. Support of communication between all components.
  4. Transfer of the image on the monitor and a sound in columns.
  5. Ensuring access in the Internet.

Where the motherboard is?

Even the minimum acquaintance to the computer helps to find this detail without problems. The personal computer motherboard is located on a sidewall of the system unit. Unlike other payments this cannot just be removed and changed. It is possible to see it just having uncovered the system unit. In the laptop it is more difficult because the back cover opens access only for details which can be changed, for consideration of the motherboard it is necessary to disassemble the device completely. Externally they differ in forms and the sizes.

How to learn model of the personal computer motherboard?

There are situations when during the work with the computer equipment it is required to learn parameters of the main component which is responsible for operation of the equipment. Inquiries in the searcher of type – how to learn model of the motherboard appear at installation of drivers or problems with sound playback. Not to spend money for the expert's call, it is necessary to know as it to make independently. The model of a materinka can be defined by the following ways:

  • special programs;
  • visual inspection;
  • command line.

How to learn motherboard model – programs?

Today several programs which help to look at the necessary information without imboweling of the equipment are developed. Among big many options to define motherboard model, are allocated:

  1. Speccy. Free resource. Information is highlighted in a main window in the section general information. When data are necessary more detailed it is worth passing into the motherboard point. The program is downloaded on the official site of the developer. If to download the application there is no desire or need, it is possible to use below on the page of loading portable the version.
  1. AIDA64. Paid resource. For receiving full access to information which answers a question how to learn model of the motherboard, and a step provides other data it is necessary to carry out payment. At the same time even the trial version will help to learn the name of the producer and model of a materinka. After downloading of the application information is highlighted in the section motherboard.

How to learn motherboard model – a command line

It is possible to obtain the necessary information even quicker, without waste of time on search and downloading of applications. The motherboard model in a command line can be learned in the Windows system of the last series. It is possible to make it as follows:

  1. At the same time press two keys: Windows+R.
  2. In the appeared window enter cmd and press Enter. As a result there will be a command line.
  3. It is necessary to enter such text in it: wmic baseboard get product, Manufacturer, version, serialnumber, and after to press Enter.
  4. In the opened command line all information on the motherboard will appear.

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