How to open the USB stick without formatting?

How to open the USB stick without formatting?

Many people came up against a situation when trying to open the USB stick, they saw on the screen the message with the offer to format the device. At consent the computer makes full cleaning of data that can become the reason of loss of important information. For this reason it is important to know how to open the USB stick without formatting. Having seen the message about failure, it is not necessary to panic as there is a way allowing to correct a situation. It is worth noticing that if the USB stick was mechanically damaged, then the only chance to restore information – the address to experts.

How to open the USB stick in a command line?

Let's consider a universal method which is suitable for stores of any model. Work will take place in several stages, allowing to receive desirable result.

How to open the USB stick without formatting it:

  1. At first it is necessary to learn two importance: PID and VID which will help to make identification and to learn a mark, model and type of the device. For this purpose come into Start-up, and then, pass into Control panel and Device manager. There is the simplest option how quickly to be included in the necessary folder – at once gather in a search box - mmc devmgmt.msc. Having come to be in the necessary folder it is necessary to choose USB Controllers. It is necessary to find the USB stick in the dropped-out list. The thicket of all it is marked as the memory device. The following step – by pressing of the right button it is necessary to open a window where select the Properties item and the Data point. Exactly there is also necessary information. Find four-digit numbers PID and VID in the ID Codes of the Equipment point.
  2. Understanding a subject – how to open the USB stick on the computer, we approached the following step on which it is necessary to visit the website – Where it is necessary to bring values which were defined in the previous point in the respective fields. The website will make necessary operations and will give result. In the right column names and versions of programs which it is possible to be used for restoration of the USB stick will be specified.
  3. It was necessary only to download, establish and use the program, following the existing instruction. With work of the program of problems should not arise as all of them are simple.

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