How to pump up a trapeze in house conditions?

How to pump up a trapeze in house conditions?

Pumping of a trapeze in house conditions – a difficult task, but feasible. Everything is caused more by the fact that without the additional equipment quickly to achieve result it will not turn out, but if it is correct to construct a training, then everything is possible.

How to pump up a trapeze in house conditions?

To start several useful tips which will allow to make a training the most effective. First, it is necessary to begin with warm-up and first of all it is recommended to hang for a while on a crossbeam, having relaxed to pull muscles and also to make partial pullings up. Secondly, finding out how to swing a trapeze in house conditions, It is necessary to tell that between repetitions you should not relax completely as loading will leave forward. Thirdly, It is necessary to tell about such rule – try to raise above shoulders that will promote reduction of the top part of a trapeze. Do exercise in 3-4 approaches, till 12-15 repetitions. To increase efficiency, it is recommended to carry out repetitions, holding the breath.

How to pump over a trapeze in house conditions:

  1. Shrag with dumbbells. It is possible to carry out such exercise and with a bar and weights, and technology of performance does not change. SP – get up, holding dumbbells sideways or in front of hips. It is necessary to take dumbbells so that palms were directed to a body. The task is in tightening shoulders to ears, and hands should not be bent and make any movements. After fixing of situation in the top point, return to SP. Do everything smoothly as there is a big risk to be traumatized.
  2. Raising of dumbbells to a chin. This exercise for a trapeze in house conditions can be carried out also with a bar if it is. Take shells the top hold, that is palms have to be directed to a body. Bend legs a little in knees and slightly incline a torso forward. Lift dumbbells to a chin, and elbows have to be directed up, and then, return to SP. Important – the it is more than a distance between dumbbells, the trapeze is loaded stronger.
  3. Cultivation of hands in an inclination. You hold dumbbells, having sent to a palm to each other. Get up so that the distance between legs was identical to width of shoulders, and then, bend forward, trying to reach a parallel with a floor. You hold dumbbells on outstretched arms that they were perpendicular to a floor. The small bend in elbows is allowed. A task – slowly you part hands in the parties on the greatest possible distance. After fixing of situation, execute data and repeat everything at first.


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