In what products vitamin E?

In what products vitamin E?

Vitamin E performs a number of important functions in a human body:

  • participates in many chemical reactions;
  • improves a men's reproductive system;
  • normalizes work of heart and restores walls of vessels;
  • conducts active fight against free radicals, thereby preventing emergence of signs of aging.

Vitamin E - the most powerful antioxidant. It interferes with formation of cancer cells, improves memory of the person, helps to support a tone of muscles. Its shortcoming can lead to appearance of a depression and nervous excitability. Also external manifestations of deficiency of vitamin E can be observed: flabby skin, fragility of nails, the hair loss leading to baldness. However such consequences cause serious shortcomings of this component of an organism. Often it is connected with the certain diseases interfering both vitamin splitting, and its further assimilation. Vitamin E, or tocopherol, the person can receive only from out of, that is, from food.

Where does vitamin E and in what products contain?

Plants and also some types of bacteria are capable to synthesize tocopherol. Animal products are not sources of this vitamin as its contents in them is insignificant a little. Therefore not to have deficiency in tocopherol, it is necessary to include as much as possible vegetable components in the diet.

Vitamin E contains in the following products: nuts and grains where its concentration is maximum. Kernels of hazelnuts, cedar, almonds and seeds of sunflower - the richest sources of this substance. Also vitamin E contains in many oils: soy, cotton, sunflower, corn and olive. Its stay in these products is so big that, having used 20 grams of oil of sunflower, the person completely will satisfy the need for a day dose. It is worth noticing that at heat treatment this component practically does not collapse.

Vitamin E contains in many products including harmful oils, such as coconut and palm. But they are not recommended to be used as a tocopherol source as except useful substances these products contain the components capable to cause to health damage in the structure.

What animal products contain vitamin E?

In animal products tocopherol contains in insignificant quantities. Butter, beef pulp, fat and beef liver is considered leaders in its concentration. Milk and fermented milk products also incorporate this substance. Especially there is a lot of vitamin E in the following food: sour cream, cream and fat milk. And practically does not contain in the dairy products having long periods of storage.

Considering in what products there is a vitamin E, do not forget about vegetables and fruit. They also occupied the niche in the quantitative table of content of tocopherol. It is haricot, broccoli, peas, a kiwi, apples, tomatoes. However in tinned products it practically does not meet.

A list of the products containing vitamin E:

  • mustard;
  • turnip;
  • sunflower seeds;
  • banana;
  • orange;
  • pear;
  • the sprouted grain;
  • butter and margarine;
  • cottage cheese.

Vitamin E meets in many products. But it is not necessary to an organism in large numbers. For these two reasons the shortage of tocopherol in an organism - the phenomenon rather rare. It happens when this component owing to violations is not capable to be acquired by an organism.

It is important to remember that vitamin E is afraid of light and is capable to collapse in the open air. Therefore products are tocopherol sources, it is necessary to store in the darkened places.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team