Investigation as category of dialectics

Investigation as category of dialectics

The investigation results from interaction of the phenomena. Some phenomena completely depend from each other. That is, some cause others, the last generate the third and so on. Thus, the first phenomena act as the reason, the second are their consequence.


Laws and categories of dialectics are not an invention of mankind, they are willy-nilly generated by the nature and public life. They express the objective laws occurring irrespective of human consciousness. Besides fundamental laws of dialectics, there are also dialectic regularities explaining and supplementing these laws. Besides by means of the certain system consisting of categories and dialectic regularities the essence of the dialectics is expressed.

Reason and its investigation

The category of dialectics - cause and effect - reflects the most important regularity of the world objective. Knowledge of this regularity is necessary for human life, its practical activities. Studying the causes of the phenomena and their investigation, the person has an opportunity to influence them. For example, to prevent such phenomenon as disaster and to nullify emergence of its investigation, it is necessary to know the reason of its emergence. The person is powerless and helpless if the reasons do not know. And respectively, if the reasons are known, then the person has the huge force and great opportunities.

Cause and effect – concepts correlative. The reason is the phenomenon causing and involving other phenomenon – the investigation. The investigation held by the reason completely depends on the set conditions. The difference between the reason and a condition is small. The condition to some extent is also the reason, and the reason, in turn, is the investigation. The same reasons under different conditions cause various investigations.

Interrelation of the phenomena

At the movement of matter inevitably there is a general relationship of the phenomena, their mutual conditionality, the birth of the new phenomena, their infinite interlacing. By science it is proved that the world is a whole where the phenomena and processes are in complete dependence from each other. The phenomenon is at the same time both the reason, and the investigation. In other words, the phenomenon has the cause and effect sequence. What says that there is no investigation without the reason, as well as there is no reason which does not have the investigation. Always the reason is a predecessor of the investigation. The series of cause and effect process are an infinite sequence of the phenomena, transition from one phenomenon to another. Any considered phenomenon is the investigation of the previous phenomenon, and at the same time is the reason of the following phenomenon. But at the same time, the dependence between two phenomena relevant only in case one of the phenomena not only is result of the reason, but also inevitably causes and generates other phenomenon. Falling of bones of dominoes can serve as a striking and bright example of the cause and effect sequence. Conditionally the bone is the phenomenon. Respectively, any bone serves as the reason of falling of the following bone and at the same time is a consequence of falling of previous.

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