Run on the racetrack for weight loss

Run on the racetrack for weight loss

Not only ladies, but also men seek to say goodbye to excess weight. Today the first positions among exercise machines for weight loss are taken by the racetrack, and run on this exercise machine, of course, is considered the most effective exercise. However, to correct problem places and to lose the weight, it is necessary to be able to be engaged on this sports unit.

Run on the racetrack for weight loss

So, before starting occupations, it is necessary to make warm-up, it is necessary to avoid a muscle strain and any injuries. Well breath exercises, an extension will approach, it is quite good to do several exercises from dumbbells, do not forget also about comfortable clothes. So, run can be sprint and quiet, directed to combustion of fat in a certain zone. To get rid of weight moreover and to strengthen the organism, it is necessary to adhere to the correct technology of run on the racetrack, namely:

  • it is necessary to breathe through a nose;
  • it is necessary to adjust pedals so that they turned rather easily, to you speed is important, and good speed can be "gathered" if there is no "resistance";
  • during run it is necessary to drink water;
  • it is impossible to stop sharply during jog if you are going to finish occupations, you drop into a walk, gradually reducing speed.
  • duration of a training has to be on average 40 minutes.

Advantage and harm of run on the racetrack

The main pluses of run on the racetrack:

  • strengthening of all organism;
  • positive impact on heart and respiratory system;
  • relief of stress and fatigue;
  • burning of fat deposits;
  • enrichment of cages of an organism with oxygen, etc.

However, despite big advantage, trainings on the racetrack can cause painful feelings in joints, provoke pressure jumps, the wrong trainings can promote development of diseases of respiratory organs and a cardiovascular system.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team