Validation: what is it?

Validation: what is it?

Almost all users of social networks anyway face a concept of validation. What means this term and what definitions it has?

What is validation briefly

Definition is connected with testing of certain products and also with ensuring their quality. If to speak about it a simple language, then it is possible to note the following:

  • Validation is a confidence of manufacturing company that it created a product according to all standards and rules.
  • Validation is important for consumers, that is confidence in that, a product will be to the correct and conforming stated requirements.

Users of social networks can see one more value of validation. Each of them anyway saw a window with the notice of validation passing. It is authentication of the data entered by the user. For example, it is about receiving SMS on mobile, tied to the account. Having entered the code into a certain field, the user undergoes validation, that is proves that he is the owner of the phone number specified by it.

Definition of validation according to the ISO 9000:2000 standard

Also the characteristic of a word designated in documentation of ISO can explain value of validation (ISO is an international standardization organization). Here it is possible to see that validation is a confirmation with use of the facts that norms for a product, an object or operations are performed. Validation strictly as necessary is carried out, and the product is analyzed in certain terms of use. The verdict will be result of validation – whether it is possible to use a product or a subject in this situation.

Other definitions

It is possible to carry the following to other definitions of validation:

  • In practice – definition of compliance of a product to expectations of direct users.
  • Confirmation of observance of all stated requirements of a system of standards of the user, customer and other participants.
  • Definition of that, also the product correctly is created and how strongly it meets requirements and needs of the direct consumer.

Examples of use of validation

As an example it is possible to take any company which makes pipes according to certain requirements. And here inquiries from customers begin to arrive: whether it is possible to lay universal pipes at the bottom of the sea. The producer needs to carry out validation according to conditions and to give the objective answer to the question posed. If an object validirovanny, it conforms to requirements.

It is possible to take even the standard bicycle. Someone from customers or consumers can ask – whether it is possible to ride a bike? Whether it is possible to brake, turn by it in the parties and to switch speeds? All this can be made, it is the producer it will prove, and validation was successfully undergone. If the bicycle badly pulls up, at it sitting fell or the wheel is strongly loosened – the bicycle did not undergo validation.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team