What Pestilence salt is capable of

What Pestilence salt is capable of

Mor's salt represents artificially synthesized analog of the morit, natural mineral. For the first time this substance was received by the German chemist Karl Friedrich Mor in honor of whom it received the name.

Physical and chemical properties of salt of the Pestilence

Salt of the Pestilence is crystals of a monoklinny singoniya of beautiful dark green color. Has characteristic resinous or glass gloss and good transparency. This salt is dissolved in water. In acidic environment it is capable to be dissolved practically in any ratios. When heating the crystals are dehydrated, color gradually grows dull, and they turn into pale green powder.

Chemical formula of salt of the Pestilence - FeSO4 · (NH4)2SO4·6H2O. It belongs to double salts which part two metals at one haloid are. The scientific name of this connection - "salt of protoxide of iron and ammonium double sulphate". With its help it is possible to find presence of ions of iron (high-quality reaction) in solution. In other reactions it reacts with substances as usual mix of two components it salts.

Receiving salt of the Pestilence

Crystals of salt of the Pestilence can be received in house conditions. For this purpose salt solution, small banks, a plastic spoon, an old pan (for which it is not a pity), the distilled water, the cotton filter and a cone for filtration will be required. The last can be made of a usual plastic bottle. At first warm solution in "a water bath" up to the temperature about 70 degrees. You do not hurry to get to bank at once, it can burst because of a sharp temperature difference. The purpose of this procedure consists in increase in concentration of salt in solution. After solution cools down up to the temperature of 35-40 degrees, in it it is necessary to lower "primings" - objects on which crystals will grow. It is possible to use flat small pebbles or threads. After that to bank close a gauze and put to the cool place. In several days you will see that on your "priming" beautiful dark green crystals grew.

Precautionary measures during the work with Pestilence salt

Salt of the Pestilence does not pose a serious threat, however hit in an organism is undesirable too. After work with it wash hands thoroughly and avoid hit on skin (can cause local irritation) or clothes. She is capable to leave rusty spots which do not wash off.

Rules of storage of salt of the Pestilence

Salt of the Pestilence needs to be stored in the dry place protected from direct sunshine where temperature does not exceed 35 degrees. At excess amount of heat it is dehydrated. Water ingress (including water vapor) and dust is not allowed. If the contact with these substances nevertheless happened, it is necessary to wipe crystals with a dry rag.

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