What TV it is better to buy?

What TV it is better to buy?

Now it is difficult to imagine the house where there is no TV. Moreover, some do not even imagine how to spend without it at least day. Let's not go deep into a question, it is good or it is bad. But if it so, it is necessary to try at least that the TV was qualitative and did not do serious harm to all family.

What TV it is better to buy?

ZhK or plasma model are more preferable? What at it has to be the screen size? All these questions are quite important for the choice of good TV.

At first it is necessary to decide on the size, without giving in to temptation to buy the biggest TV which will be located on a wall.

How it is correct to choose TV diagonal?

For the most convenient viewing telecasts recommend to multiply diagonal by three. It will be distance from which best of all it will be visible the screen. It is about councils of technical specialists. Physicians, in general, agree with them. Their recommendation – to multiply diagonal by 3, 4 or 5. If it is more, then too will inconveniently look at the screen.

How it is correct to choose TV diagonal for the room?

The chosen model of the TV has to fit organically into design of the room, its size and style matter too. If the room small (even if the distance, necessary on medical indications, is!) or in it objects generally fragile and tiny, big TV will be watched in it ridiculously.

As for TV type then now there are a lot of different options. But the most popular is, certainly, liquid crystal. On the screen of the LCD TV points – pixels which, in turn, consist of subpixels of red, blue and green colors are located. The signal arrives on the liquid crystals which are more deeply in the screen, and they change the situation, transferring light to pixels. Depending on characteristic of a signal, pixels can be transparent (white color), opaque (black color), can be one of these flowers or mixed.

It is difficult to advise as it is correct to choose the LCD TV. It is possible to pay attention to some characteristics. First, the image of subjects is more qualitative, than permission (number of pixels) is more. If there is a lot of them, then they small, and the image more equal and accurate. If they are not enough, then the image turns out "granular".

Secondly, the lamp is more powerful, the image, but also the high price is better. On the other hand, the competition now in this area is very big so reduction of prices – not a rarity. So can have the luck to buy cheap excellent model. But if it is about discounts and actions, then it is necessary to check all technical characteristics carefully: can be, reduced the price of this TV because it is not especially good? Of course, all are interested in a question to what to buy the TV inexpensive and good, but here on the first place has to be after all good, and then already and inexpensive. The low-quality television receiver can cause eye pains and headaches, it can distort colors and quickly fail. It is necessary to buy new, and it is unprofitable. It is better to see all characteristics and to choose an optimum ratio of the price and quality. It is important to remember: penny-wise and pound-foolish.

TVs of different firms are presented at the market. Those who are recognized experts in this area value the reputation. Perhaps, reflecting what LCD TV it is better to buy, it is worth stopping on a product of one of these firms. And, certainly, it is necessary to make purchase in that shop which summons trust.

So, now many know how to exercise in a question of purchase of the good TV judgment.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team