What vitamins for athletes it is better?

What vitamins for athletes it is better?

The common knowledge of the fact that vitamins and minerals are sharply necessary for life of athletes does not leave doubts any more. Any who purposefully moves on sport Olympus top automatically makes the conscious choice for a healthy diet with high caloric content. But, unfortunately, today scientific research speaks about reduction of vitamins B to food for 30-45% that inevitably forces to look for the best vitamins B quality of additives to daily meal for each athlete, focusing attention to groups of vitamins B, C, E. The first, are designed to ensure stable functioning of nervous system, promoting easier transferring of loadings at trainings. Thus, their shortage destabilizes the correct exchange of proteins and fats, slowing down growth of muscles, so, and, reducing the predicted probability of the necessary effect of trainings. As recommendations about a question what it is better to choose vitamins for athletes preferably to stop on complexes with the content of B1 and B6 vitamins not less than 60 - 100 mg, and B12 – 50-100 mkg.

The rating of the best vitamins for the athlete

  1. Animal Pak. The Universal Nutrition company offers great enrollment micro and macrocells, with necessary structure in each bag in the form of 11 tablets. Keep in mind that its price, at the use according to the instruction (2 packages a day) is a little overestimated as there is not enough medicine even for a month. However it is possible to apply directly in days of trainings, using other multivitamins B other days.
  2. Optimum Nutrition from Nutrient Optimization System. The good competitor of the previous position, as has in structure vitamins of the B, S and E groups in large numbers that looks the excellent decision, in particular for bodybuilders.
  3. Euro Vita-Mins from Scitec Nutrition. It is considered really budgetary option where high concentration of components is very well combined with quality of a vitamin and mineral complex and the affordable price.
  4. CO-Q10. One more option from Scitec Nutrition is CO-Q10. The unique, not having analogs additive which will support a cardiovascular system so far you subject to physical activities the organism.

So, the only condition of the choice of the best vitamins for athletes are tasks which are required to be solved to achieve the planned objectives. So, for example, if it is necessary to raise an organism tone in general, then it is possible to stop the choice on B3 vitamin supporting food of muscles throughout all training. Also stake on C and E vitamins as they lower total number of free radicals and not to do, of course, in this case without intake of biotin and folic acid.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team