Whether Switzerland has an outlet to the sea

Whether Switzerland has an outlet to the sea

Switzerland is the country which is located in the center of Europe. It borders on such countries as Germany, Italy, France, Austria and Liechtenstein. Whether Switzerland has an outlet to the sea?

One of the most developed countries of Europe is Switzerland. In it the standard of living of people 10 times more, than in other European states. It, first of all, is connected with the fact that Switzerland is located in the center of Europe and is a link between many countries. Not for nothing in this state a huge number of the headquarters of world brands, sports federations, courts, banks and so on is opened.

Switzerland has no direct outlet to the sea. The country is located in the hilly terrain with a large number of the freshwater rivers and lakes. In the north of the country are located Mount Yura, in the south – the Alps. And, its territory can be divided into three natural regions conditionally.

Mount Yura

These young folded mountains were stretched on all border of Switzerland with France and Germany. They represent small ridges which are completely covered with the coniferous and deciduous forests.


The highest point of the Swiss Alps is the peak Defur with height about 4600 meters. These mountains are generally located on northern border with Italy which are also covered with the woods.

Swiss plateau

The central part of the country is located on the Swiss plateau which has average height about 500 m above sea level. On its edges the set of beautiful and picturesque lakes which represent the true wealth for this country is located. The largest them them: Geneva and Nevshatelsky.

Across all territory of the state the set of the large rivers flows. The reserve of fresh water in Switzerland makes about 6% of the whole Europe. The deepest rivers – Rhine, Rhone, the Arab Republic of Egypt. Generally the rivers originate in the hilly terrain and come to an end on the plain.

In Switzerland, tourism is very developed. Here each vacationer will find to himself the favourite place. But a big lack of this country is the lack of an outlet to the sea. Therefore Switzerland has practically no own navy and is not engaged in sea cargo transportation worldwide. The state compensates this shortcoming by other means of transport. In Switzerland a large number of highways is constructed. Railway, air and river transport is also developed.

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