10 reasons which destroy marriage

10 reasons which destroy marriage

Many dream of a strong close-knit family where all love and appreciate each other. However there is sometimes everything absolutely on the contrary. So destroys marriage?


1. Routine and boredom. This is the most important enemy of any family. If every day there is a same, there are no new impressions, and at such state of affairs there is a wish to change something, to find new emotions, then it is a serious occasion to think. As the boredom and a routine pull down many families.

2. Manipulation. It is pleasant to nobody when his life try to control and manipulate it by means of low blows. Among methods of manipulations there can be sense of guilt, fear or sexual inclination.

3. Communication. The lack of communication always leads to alienation. The reasons can be a little: lack of desire to communicate, employment, fatigue at work. Regardless of the reasons result one - people become strangers.

4. Egoism. If you live in family, then have to be ready to concede to common interests of family. Therefore sometimes the emotions and desires should be pushed into the background.

5. Conflicts. Conflict situations in family are almost inevitable. Always it is necessary to reach compromise, to hear a position of the interlocutor.

6. Criticism. Cavils, offensive statements, comparison with more successful people. All this forces to become reserved.

7. Jealousy. This feeling arouses suspiciousness, mistrust, strict control. The jealousy of anything good does not bring, the relations only spoil.

8. Offenses. Giving up offensive expressions in a rush of emotions, spouses leave deep each other heart wounds. It is very difficult to love the person who shouts all the time and offends.

9. Treachery, lie and insincerity. It alienates people from each other. Trust in the relations - the main thing. If there is no trust, then the normal relations will not be.

10. Disrespect. As soon as the respect dies - also the love dies. There are no good family and good relations where there is no mutual respect.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team