How to endure treachery of the friend

How to endure treachery of the friend

Treachery of the friend is one of the most crushing blows which the destiny can bring down on you. This feeling cannot be compared to other anguish. Statistically every fourth divorced marries again. And the person who was betrayed by the close friend in most cases becomes reserved and trusts nobody any more.


1. Having faced treachery, you for certain ask a question: "Why it happened to me?". Possible answers can be different. Or you badly understand people, or are excessively trustful (but do not overdo with self-flagellation). Try to assess a situation from the philosophical point of view. Perhaps, the destiny sends you tests to temper your spirit.

2. Any your assumptions, except the following will approach: "All people mercenary egoists", "Are not present at me happiness in life – either family, or friends, or career", "Nothing, further I will be more careful! From now on any friends!". If you are visited some of the listed thoughts, nip them in the bud. Having transformed to subconscious installations, they will not allow you to pull out.

3. Having endured treachery of the friend, you are in state of shock. It is connected with the fact that firm friendship for many years became one of bases of your outlook. And when the bearing wall falls, begins to sway all building.

4. That quicker and easier to endure this stress, do not become reserved. Address the most archaic and sacral value which is one more support of your outlook. This value – your family.

5. Pay attention to the parents for whom you in a type of constant employment always do not have time. The parental love and support is feelings, powerful on extent of emotional influence. They will help to overcome despondency and disappointment in people.

6. If you already have children, try to see off more time with them. For them you are the main person in life. Children's love the strongest, disinterested and sincere. Often only she can try a key to the heart closed from pain and treacheries.

7. And at last, the most important, you remember that with you there is always nearby one friend who will not betray, will not deceive and will not abandon you all life. This friend – you are. Whether you how many difficult situations were endured in themselves how many fears overcame by own efforts thought. How many unique ideas to you were presented by your own mind. Feel as the self-sufficient personality and you will be able to endure both treachery of the friend, and the crash of hopes, and other strokes of bad luck.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team