3 steps which will help to release last love once and for all

3 steps which will help to release last love once and for all

There passed not one month after parting, and you still catch yourself on a thought "I miss and I want to return everything"? Arm with the handle, open consciousness and continue to read. The councils given below "are gained" by the person who tried to forget and release more than three years last love. Spoiler: and at which after all it turned out!

Difficulties are in each relations, but not always it turns out to come out from them winners together. Then parting – the only choice. Some endure it easily. Others, on the contrary, long suffer before again falling in love with life.

Step 1. Suffer much much

If you deeply loved the person, right after parting you will long. To worry, to think constantly of the relations, to cry – it is absolutely normal. Moreover, it is extremely important stage in a zabyvaniye of darling. You should not avoid it.

What will help:

  • Emotions outside. You should not quash feelings, to fight back tears and to pull a smile. Now you have to "gain" all experiences and sob out all tears. It will allow to release the negative which hid inside and to really release the last relations.
  • Read poems and novels which will respond understanding in soul. Miss through yourself stories of the main characters of movies. Draw or write: splash out the gnawing thoughts on paper. Find what will help to experience itself.
  • Support of friends. Be not afraid to go to close people when it becomes too sad. They will help you council, silently will listen or will distract from experiences.

Carefully: this step, certainly, is important, but do not get stuck on it too long.

Step 2. Sensibly assess a situation

The subconsciousness often plays with us a mean joke. At some after parting in the head only tender words and sensual kisses emerge. Others "are obsessed" with the injuring memoirs. Any of options will not bring you tranquility.

What will help:

  • Study of situations. All quarrels endured in the relations are stored on a subcortex and affect our behavior. It is possible to avoid their negative impact. Allocate time, take a notebook with the handle and "include" subconsciousness. Write about all problems, offenses and fears which ever arose in the relations with darling. The main thing – do not control a stream of thoughts and fix each detail.
  • Do not turn a point into a comma. Women often have a temptation to return the past: at once it seems to us that everything was magically or precisely will be next time. But you should not give in to illusions. Return will hardly lead to a happy end, and extension of a gap will only bring more pain.

Step 3. Improve the relations with yourself

"The only person who will always be near you is you". It is banal, but is devilishly truthful. Therefore now devote time to yourself.

What will help:

  • It positively affects state of mind and an organism in general. Give it at least 10 minutes a day and soon you will feel comprehensive happiness and harmony with yourself. After parting the following type of practice best of all works with darling: on an exhalation you release the past, on a breath you accept the future.
  • Fill life with bright paints. Register in unusual sport, you go to theater, prepare a new dish, run in the evenings and at last buy lace lingerie. Yes, that at which you stared several months. Not for someone, and for. Be not afraid to pass for the egoist: indulge yourself and enjoy life.

The past needs to be remembered, and on its mistakes – to study. But it is impossible to remain to live in it at all. Allow themselves to release the relations with darling and take a confident step towards to the present. Rejoice to trifles and just be happy.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team