5 mistakes which can lead to a gap

5 mistakes which can lead to a gap

Sometimes it seems that the relations with darling will last eternally. But life itself sorts things out. Sometimes even the most insignificant occasion is enough eventually to leave. So what needs to be avoided in the relations?

1. Whether postpone the smartphone of a podalsheznakom to you a situation when you came with the person to a long-awaited meeting, and he does not let go the mobile phone, every second checking messages in social networks? Not too pleasant situation. If you gave free evening, postpone phone far away, forget about a favourite computer game and chats for some time. Devote precious leisure hours to the half better.

2. Live life, but not the stranger

Yes, you now together, you it is crazy from each other. But it does not mean at all that now you need to see off together every moment. Live life and too, do not devote to darlings all free time – it is necessary to have a rest from each other from time to time.

3. Avoid a talk about being "Here my former was able to repair computers, and you …" - it is not really pleasant to hear it in the address, truly? Try to pick up other, more interesting subject for a conversation or, at least, do not compare the partner to his predecessor.4. "I am not able to read your mind!" Especially this point concerns girls who are capable to notice more precisely and quicker some subtleties. Men in the majority do not possess the same fine intuition. If you want something from the young man, then tell him about it directly. Also do not reproach him if the poor creature misinterpreted your hints.5. Do not demand too mnogogogovorit, to love – means to sacrifice. But to sacrifice not everything and not always. If your darling for you did not make something, it does not mean at all that he does not love you. The reasons there can be great variety. Therefore before beginning to reproach the partner, put yourself on his place and think properly, kind of you arrived in this situation. The relations – a thing not so simple. It is necessary to be able to understand, adapt, make concessions, to apologize, and it is not the complete list. Be more attentive to each other, and then probably your relations will last long so as you want that.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team