As Cancer in love behaves

As Cancer in love behaves

Cancer - one of the most reserved zodiac signs. These are canny people. They do not show feelings even if very strongly fallen in love. To solve their behavior, some skill is required.


1. Cancer in love a little in what differs from not the lover. He is also quiet, judicious and does not make unexpected acts. Gives only his look. It long and with value looks at a love object, looking away every time when paid attention to it.

2. Cancer in love does not speak about the feelings, but at the same time it tries to appear near a love object. It helps to open a door, to inform of heavy bags, to solve a problem, to reduce balance, to correct the contract. He does all this without requests and does not expect gratitude. He just tries to be near and to support in a difficult situation.

3. Cancer which fell in love strongly is jealous, but does not show it. He does not say directly that he is angry or upset, but tries to prevent an object of love to communicate with the competitor. He butts in a conversation, tries to take away, deceives, saying that wait for the rival in other place. When an object of love is saved from encroachments, Cancer is removed. Such behavior can seem rather strange, but Cancers possess own vision of surrounding and act, leaning only on it.

4. Cancer makes overtures to the one who sank down to it in heart, but at the same time does not insist on meetings and intim. It is quite constraining sign, he waits that the initiative will proceed from the partner. Besides, Cancers are very proud and will not tolerate refusal. For this reason they do not hurry to sound the feelings. Even in happy marriage you should not wait from Cancer of rough manifestation of emotions. He feels them, but carefully hides.

5. It is possible to guess that Cancer fallen in love only if it under the influence of alcohol decided to cross through the principles and to admit feelings the first. You do not hurry to speak ""yes"" or ""no"". Next day Cancers will not begin to remember the event. They will pretend that to all fault - surplus of binge. Do not insist on recognition, show an initiative, and Cancer will fall in your embraces.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team