How to do lamination

How to do lamination

If you very much want to grow yourself smart long head of hear, but your fragile and splitting hair disturb you, the procedure of lamination of hair can become your rescue. The same procedure will help to return to your dim and dry hair healthy gloss or to give to your hairstyle the necessary volume in case you have fine and rare hair.


1. For obtaining the maximum effect of lamination you should cut previously split ends of hair because they do not give in to restoration any more. It is also necessary to carry out the procedure of treatment of hair. Only after that hair can be laminated. Of course, it is possible to make lamination and without preliminary preparation. Hair really will become softer and obedient, but their fragility will decrease only slightly and you do not receive desired hair shine. The fact is that the splitting ends will destroy further structure of hair.

2. In the course of the procedure of lamination the special structure is applied on hair. Then the polyethylene hat then it is required to stay 20 minutes under lamp drying is put on the head. Laminate during this time has to stiffen (hair at the same time will become firm). Then the structure is washed away and fixing is carried out.

3. Lamination of hair can be made and independently in house conditions if to gain special structure for lamination. For this purpose well wash up hair, then apply on them the intensive restoring mask. The mask has to contain proteins (ceramides or keratin) in the structure. After drawing mask well wrap up hair for 30 minutes.

4. Further after mask not superfluous will be to apply on your hair keratin or complex with minerals. It is possible to use for this purpose the strengthening structures for hair in ampoules which are on sale in pharmacies. After causing nutritious structures wash hair with warm water, and then a little them dry.

5. Now apply on hair structure for lamination, at the same time receding 0.5 cm from roots of hair. You can cause structure by means of brush or pour out slowly directly of bottle. Having distributed laminate on the surface of hair, leave it for 20 minutes, then warm up the hair dryer within 20 more minutes. You just needed to wash away structure water and to apply hair conditioner on hair.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team