As it is beautiful ""to send"" the girl

As it is beautiful ""to send"" the girl

Sometimes the relations come to the logical end, but the girl persistently does not want it to notice. Or the woman tries to begin the relations with the guy who does not need it at all. Then it is necessary "to say goodbye" beautifully to the girl, but so that not to offend her.

When it is worth "sending" the girl

If you have feelings to the girl, but at some point you want to spend time not with her, and with friends or alone with yourself, you have to explain tenderly to her that you very much appreciate your relations, but will be taken some time. Tell that call her as soon as be released. The main thing you are not rude, otherwise you risk to lose the darling because of such trifle.

If the woman jams to you in the girl, and you do not take any liking to it, then really it is necessary to refuse to it. You should not enter into the relations with unloved out of pity.

There are exceptional cases when the girl herself tries to achieve intimate relations. She behaves very frankly and does all hints. You do not get with her the sexual relations better if you do not plan to be near after that, you remember that "free cheese is only in the mousetrap".

How to refuse to the girl and not to offend her

Never forget that in any situation you have to look adequately. Even if the girl is strongly imposed, do not tell her obscene words and do not raise on her the voice. When the girl herself proposes to the guy the candidacy for a role of his beloved, her nervousness just reads off scale. Having roughly refused to it, you can forever underestimate its self-assessment. Instead of direct refusal, it is better to tell lies. Tell that are not ready to the serious relations yet or that your heart, unfortunately, already belongs another. Surely tell it: "Forgive, so it developed, I am very sorry". It will be all the same sick and offensive for it, but it is not so strong. Do not put a conversation away for later. You need to explain her current situation at once, otherwise even for the short period she can believe that the relations between you are possible then it will be even more difficult to it to understand that it not so. During the conversation be extremely serious. You look it fool in the face that she could trust you. Finally give it a compliment. Tell something good, for example, "Very pleasantly to know that such beautiful girl paid attention to me" or "Believe, not each girl to dare to tell it". If you need to divorce the girl, hardly everything will turn out so simply. It is much more difficult to break off the relations which developed even for a while, than those which did not begin at all. In that case, you should tell really only the truth. Be sincere, your former has to know why you cannot be together. The main thing, in any situation remain the man. Place the priorities and be only with those to whom you have the real feelings.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team