How not to lose family

How not to lose family

The family can and has to be the strong reliable union of the loving people, but to care for it it is necessary to both spouses. Neglect the interests of each other, the egoism and jealousy can kill both cordial relations, and family.


1. Statistically, alcoholism is the reason of a half of stains. To live with the alcoholic really insufferably, the normal person will make everything to protect himself and children from this trouble. If your family is threatened by a divorce for this reason, responsible should decide that is more expensive to it – relatives or alcohol.

2. This disease is curable, however the patient has to have a strong incentive, for example, the aspiration to keep family. It is good if you have a support of your half, but for this purpose it is necessary to convince her that your decision to win against alcoholism firmly. If you had in the past failures, and your relatives have bases not to trust you, it will be hard to make it.

3. You can address to specialized medical institution, enter in AAA (Association of Anonymous Alcoholics) or independently take the drugs – anyway, you will need will power and determination to undergo treatment up to the end. The love of your family will become you the beacon and an incentive.

4. The marital infidelity is other frequent reason of family breakdown. The rare family bears such blow: the scolded love can turn your half into the ruthless avenger ready for everything that also you felt the same pain, the same despair. Try to hide carefully the secret party of your life if at you it is impossible to refrain from unfaithfulness.

5. If your sexual partner dreams to change the status to "spouses", he can report about your relations to your family in hope for a quarrel and a divorce. Try not to give it such chance: do not report the home phone number, forbid to call you home. If your half suspected something, stand up to the end, deny obvious. The loving person is inclined to deceive himself to keep illusion of faithful strong family. However do not abuse his trust: sooner or later the most reckless belief can fail under cargo of proofs.

6. Both the groundless jealousy, and absolute indifference of the spouse can become the reason of family breakdown. Sooner or later will bother to justify itself and prove to the innocent person the innocence constantly. The strongest irritation can cause total control - constant calls for work with the requirement to report, than the suspect is engaged now; offenses for what was not enough reciprocal calls; check of the mobile phone and e-mail …

7. The reasonable share of jealousy will do good to the relations – hardly absolute indifference and demonstrative confidence will suit someone: "You are necessary to nobody, nobody will covet you", however it is necessary to observe a measure. Try to behave. You will not be able constantly to control your spouse, will not be able to hold him violently. Only its interest in you and desire together will be some guarantee of fidelity. For this purpose, at least, it is necessary that he with pleasure came back home.

8. Indifference to the spouse's problems can lead to family disorder too. If you value your relations, help your half, you share with it family duties and be attentive to its problems. If the person does not find sympathy in family, he begins to seek mutual understanding elsewhere.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team