As it is correct to behave to the woman with the man in creation of the personal relations

As it is correct to behave to the woman with the man in creation of the personal relations

In creation of the personal relations the significant role is played by the correct behavior of the woman which will allow to keep serious feelings for a long time. If you possess information on how to behave to the woman as the companion of life, then will be able to avoid misunderstanding with the partner and to find full mutual understanding.

Entering the new relations, the woman sometimes makes fatal mistakes after which it is difficult to return former love of the man. However women as the purpose of the woman is to show wisdom and patience are responsible for forming of harmonious partnership first of all.


The man on the nature the hunter also estimates object of admiration initially on appearance. Unfortunately, most of women forget about this important rule and cease to pay attention to such details as tidy and stylish clothes, fresh manicure and a pedicure, clean and in time cut hair and also well-groomed skin. If you live with your half already long time, then you should not ignore desire of the man to see you attractive in any situation. Think out periodically new images and infinitely change. So you will become mysterious and unpredictable for the elect.

Ban on scandals

Do not make a row to jealousy or hysterics to darling on public at all. The man who is adjusted on the serious relations with you will not estimate such act and will nurse a grievance for a long time. Try to calm down and find out the house cause of conflict, and it is better next day when primary aggressive emotions disappear. At the same time you will look in the opinion of the partner adequately and will show that you have wisdom and endurance. Also never offend and do not humiliate darling at friends or mutual friends. Otherwise it will lead to a final gap.

Patience and understanding

Women are inclined to force events and sometimes begin to correct actively seeming partner's shortcomings. If you sincerely love the man, then show first of all respect and do not try to change character. One of love components – acceptance of the person both with negative, and from a positive side. Therefore it is worth admitting to himself that the aspiration to break the settled habits or traits of character of the elect – not the best way to prove the case. An optimal variant – straight talk about what does not suit you in darling, but without charges and desire to control.

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