As it is necessary to speak with the guy about important

As it is necessary to speak with the guy about important

If the relations are only entered, to begin straight talk very difficult. It seems that the partner will not understand your feelings and will react to a conversation incorrectly. But are afraid of it is not necessary. Be just prepared for dialogue in advance, having thought over all arguments.


1. Do not start straight talk at all if the young man is tired, hungry, angry on someone. Dialogue will not turn out. Everything, even the most constructive arguments, will be apprehended in bayonets. Wait until the partner calms down and will relax. At first talk about what disturbs him, let he will open, will state everything that collected at heart. Then tell what concerns you. Try to think up a solution together. Then responsibility for its acceptance will lay down on both of you. And if to divide this heavy load, it exactly will become half easier.

2. Prepare for a conversation in advance. Try to find words which will not wound the partner. Remember what he reacts most sharply to. Avoid these moments in dialogue. You speak by a quiet equal voice. Do not worry! Near you darling, he surely will understand you.

3. Explain to the guy own feelings. Tell why the events in the relations will wound you or disturbs. You do not press on the partner at all. Place emphasis that it is sick and unpleasant to you. But not that it is guilty of something or something not so does.

4. Try to listen also to the partner's arguments. You should not insist only on own opinion. Near you the person whom you love and to whom you trust. He does not want to make to you badly at all. On the contrary, the look from outside allows to estimate a problem in a new way. Just trust in opinion of the second half and try to look at current situation in a different way.

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