As to active mother to survive during the decree

Article emotion for women with active living position, article reflection about how it is worth placing priorities. It is obligatory to reading for young mothers who selflessly work on the Internet, without deriving neither pleasure, nor advantage.

Education of children is an art and as any art, it demands both skill, and patience, and talents. They say, now the birth rate increases, but whether the good breeding of our children increases? In choice of profession we are guided by our abilities, opportunities, education, but unless mother - not the first and main of female professions? Whether all of you know necessary about motherhood?

The modern woman consists in unequal fight for self-realization opportunities, equal with the man, in society. In such conditions rather difficult just to take and relax during a maternity leave, it seems that several years drop out of life at all. And it is not strange as our mothers frighten us, girls, since school: you will badly study - you will become a housewife. You will give birth to the child - you will not be able to continue study, you will not be able to get good job what to speak about any career. And leaves - we give birth to children, and we are afraid to bring up them. We are afraid to become unnecessary, to sink a tone and appeal in an estimation of people around.

Mummies are in maternity leave - one of the most irrepressible niches of Internet users who look for remote work. Mummies in the decree are afraid to depend on own husbands and therefore miss months of the most active development of children in attempts to earn kopeks which under present conditions of Internet earnings are so difficult to ""scraping up"". Exhausted and nervous, they grab any work - surfing, copywriting, writing of theses, participate in financial pyramids and build structures in mlm-business. Unfortunately, efficiency in a money equivalent often does not cost the spent efforts.

Why so? Business at all not in discrimination, the woman is capable to work and earn is not worse at all, than the man. Business more likely in that mood to which there are such earnings - not from good life young mother will grind away in senses at the Internet business studies. There is a wish to earn more, you begin to take the risk, you begin to make plans for expenditure of terribly earned, without having earned - you are interwoven into circulation of voluntary slavery even more, densely seasoning it with a low self-assessment. 

How to be in that case? First of all it is worth thinking of that, for what purpose you offered ""freedom"", having given birth to the child. They say, pregnancy - not a disease, so and the decree - not the end of life! Invaluable time of rest which is wasted actually should be devoted, for example, to studying literature on age psychology and psychology of the personality, and can be - and on psychology of the relations. It will do good to all family members, and such investments of time can become the strong capital for providing your old age. 

Decree time - a fine opportunity to relax and learn to breathe the house (but not to drudge the grown hateful duty), to create in it an order and a cosiness, to learn to prepare with love and to find time for the family. Agree, in such atmosphere to live much more pleasantly, than in an eternal pursuit of the benefits which at the broken vessel of love will not bring to you happiness shreds. Beautiful small bottles and toddlers can stand on the shelf of shop, but time will not stand. Children grow quickly, and to us - to keep up with them. Whether we will manage grow up personally so that to give to the children harmonious education?

And finally, the best motivation of any man on fulfillments, career development and earnings - not to undertake this duty. Raise and indulge the children how many it will be required, and let the whole world will wait...

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team