As women check men

As women check men

Sometimes the female jealousy knows no limit. Girls use any tricks to convict the darling of treason or, on the contrary, to be killed in his fidelity.

What it is necessary to pay attention to

If you began to suspect the beloved of incorrectness, first of all pay attention to its appearance. When the guy has a mistress, he begins to watch himself more carefully. Sometimes men buy to themselves new shoes, a tie, clothes or perfume, visit men's hairdresser's salons, gyms, begin to have a shave more often. Suspicious change of appearance of the man to the best give you an alarm signal.

Pay attention to expenses of your guy. Perhaps, sharply cut down it salary, deprived of an award, or it just without any explanations began to spend more money, than earlier. Remember that appearance of the competitor always demands additional expenses. Talk to the soulmate and ask it in what the reason of its additional expenses.

If your young man began a thicket to be late at work, goes to business trips which were not earlier, it can be sign of treason too. Choose time when the working day already ends, and call the husband on the office number. If it does not appear there, you will have an occasion to think. besides, you can come to its office at the end of the working day, look when it will leave it and when darling comes back home, ask, to how many it worked today. Perhaps, he will tell you that he coped with affairs in time, but then came around on affairs somewhere. If the man tells lies to you and will tell a story about how the chief gave him full-time job, can safely give information which is known to you. Listen to phone calls of the guy. If he has someone, except you, most likely, he will leave to other room that to talk to someone, or will begin to dump incoming calls, to erase messages. Perhaps, at communication with the friend he told some woman's names or told something.

Ways of check of the beloved

For communication with the mistress the man surely needs the mobile phone or the laptop with the Internet. Try to get access to these devices and check mail, the entering, outcoming calls and messages. Possibly there you will find unfamiliar suspicious numbers or strange correspondence. One more way of check of the husband - hiring of the private detective. Of course, such service will cost rather much, but information obtained by you for certain will be invaluable.

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