Business telephone etiquette

Business telephone etiquette

All people make business calls. Some by phone advise clients, are engaged in sales or conduct negotiations, others find the necessary information or solve the problems - personal, household, financial. They address to service of support or service, find out the opportunities in receiving the credit, have a telephone interview with the potential employer, etc. In such conversations it is always necessary to make a due impression to achieve desirable result. Therefore before dialing number, think - what purpose at you and what expectations of your interlocutor. For example:

  • you should prove to be decent, responsible and the businessman (if you conduct negotiations or you have a preliminary telephone interview);
  • you have to use the charm or ability to cause trust and to insist (for search of information which can not be given by phone, beliefs in something, etc.);
  • or to be laconic and exact because time of a conversation is limited (if you call in service where many calls arrive, or in human resources department where each employee is busy, or you need to cause immediately the help).

And sometimes you have to cause also sympathy, and to convince of the decency and responsibility, and at the same time not to take a lot of time the interlocutor. Therefore always conform to such rules:

  1. Accurately formulate the conversation purpose. It can be the invitation to an interview or obtaining the order from the client, sale of goods or service, the answer to your question or something else. You speak and answer so that to achieve the objectives, but not to move away from it.
  2. Prepare paper and the handle. Most likely, you need to write down something, but first of all - mark for yourself all questions which you have to set. Then you lose sight of nothing even if the interlocutor will begin to take away you from the main subject.
  3. Put on so as if you are ready to leave the house. Yes, what strange and unusual it did not seem to you, but your appearance is of great importance! It is not obligatory to dress a three-piece suit with a butterfly and to put on shoes though you can if you want. Just know - if you put on efficiently and accurately style hair, it will be reflected in your manner to speak and keep. And if on you home clothing and slippers, you do not stand up straight, and on the contrary, speak reclining, your speech will be absolutely other. Yes you also know that it is always easy to determine by a voice, the person quietly says or not, there is he or stands still, is busy with another matter at this time or attentive and built, upset or excited. Therefore never allow negligences in clothes and a pose during business phone conversation.
  4. Be presented and specify with whom you speak. So you will save yourself from misunderstanding and a mistake. Happens, several employees use one phone or the phone is picked up by someone insufficiently competent because more than nobody on the place it appeared. Do you remember, aurally we perceive from 20% to 60% of information and if your interlocutor owns it insufficiently how many authentic data he will be able to transfer you?
  5. Do marks. Everything that can be to you useful - the addresses, dates, names, names, etc. - it is better to write down at once. If something is unclear - ask again. Information transferred from one to another is distorted, as in the children's game Chinese whispers. Therefore be attentive and pedantic, in a business talk it is about important things.
  6. Saying goodbye, thank the interlocutor and if you plan to call him again, specify when it is more convenient to make it.

And the most important - you remember all the time rules of business etiquette. You speak correctly, be polite, do not allow emotions to seize you. Sometimes the quiet and confident tone makes stronger impact, than shout and abuse. To operate other people by the voice and manners is an art, and it is always higher than roughness and bad manners.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team