China and USA: comparison of family traditions and values

China and USA: comparison of family traditions and values

Different culture, history, mentality made these countries absolutely unlike at each other.

China and America, divide them thousands of kilometers, these countries have different culture and values. And, naturally, what is relevant to one state is considered unusual in another.

House situation


  • Many Americans prefer not to take off footwear in the house. They explain such situation with tradition and also clean streets and movement on the car.
  • The territory of the state allows its inhabitants to lodge comfortably if it is the private house, then it big, with the wide kitchen, several bathrooms.
  • The basement is surely equipped, it is applied in various variations: office, movie theater or game room.
  • In the house there is a certain room for the washing and drying machine. 
  • Interesting fact: Americans do not use blanket covers, this function is performed by the second sheet.


  • The overpopulation of the country was reflected that most of citizens live in small apartments. Chinese took the Japanese capsule hotels as a basis and created such similarity of dwellings. On 5 square meters the kitchen, a bathroom and a berth was placed.
  • If finance allows, residents of Celestial Empire settle down in more expensive apartments. From features of these rooms it is possible to allocate kitchens, modest by the sizes. All area of housing can be 100 sq.m., from them the place for preparation is taken by 3-5 sq.m.
  • Surely there has to be a gas stove to prepare a wok in a frying pan.
  • The centralized gas supply meets not everywhere, for this purpose use special cylinders. One more irreplaceable attribute is the thermos, Chinese constantly drink warm water or tea.
  • The separate subject is a bathroom, it is always combined with a toilet. Practically everywhere costs souls, cabins meet not everywhere, it is possible to see a watering can with a hose more often sticking out of a wall. In such cases water flows down in a hole on a floor which in combination is a toilet. Habitual toilet bowls put mainly in hotels for convenience of Europeans.   

Education of children          


On average each couple raises on three children. Since the birth to the child impart responsibility and independence, sometimes it seems that this neglect parental opinion, but is not present, is such policy of education. Adults always give the choice to the child, it does what wants if it does not threaten his life.

Parents try to spend time with children as often as possible. On vacation they in common go to the nature or to a travel.

Children know the rights and can threaten parents with court if count their actions beyond the law. There were cases when from the child the complaint arrived, and he was taken away in a shelter. At this time parents took courses of the psychologist and in half a year could return the child. At the same time it was necessary to pay its accommodation within the walls of a state institution.   


Until recently the policy "one family — one child" reigned in the country, now this rule changed a little, and two children allowed to have. For Chinese an important point is the son's birth, they consider that only the boy can communicate with ancestral spirits. If there is no men's continuation, then on it the sort died away.   

Honoring of seniors is widespread in the country, already there is no full submission, but always ask their opinion on any questions. The respect is shown at the household level, the most adult at a table the first begins a meal.

Relationship in family          


 The equality reigns in this country between the husband and the wife. Before a wedding the young people often sign marriage contracts and in advance discuss the household moments. Each of spouses has the personal account in bank and also the general which of fund the large equipment for the house is bought, for example. The man performs the same functions, as his companion, having come from work, he can begin to cook food or to clean up the house. On all problems of family like to address psychologists.

At Americans it is not accepted that with small children grandmothers and grandfathers sat. The senior generation prefers to live happily, have a rest, to travel. For children the parents employ the nurse, or everywhere go with the child. Will surprise nobody if mother sits with the kid at office.  

 The grown-up children prefer to move down from parents, at the same time can move to the neighboring state. However on holidays all family gathers. Also they have an action of "family reunion" (the lane reunion of family). Once a year or a little less often all generations gather in one place. In advance there is an arrangement in what city there will take place the meeting, the organizer of this event is elected, he will coordinate hotels, restaurants and entertainments. 100 and more people can gather on such action.


 In China all generations try to live in one house, but because of expensive apartments it is not always possible. The grown-up children leave for training or earnings and have tiny rooms.

The man is considered successful if he could accomodate under the same roof all the relatives.

Traditional education of children in these countries absolutely opposite. Americans try to impart to children independence and as soon as possible send to freedom, each generation lives separately from each other.

China indulges the only child, it less independent, and adults prefer to live already with the grown-up children.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team