How not to bother the guy

How not to bother the guy

It is considered that it is much easier to subdue the man, than to hold. Many girls want that darling was always near, but at the same time it is necessary to avoid danger to bother him constantly. Only the wisest of women can maintain the interest of the elect for many years.

Personal time and space of the young man

One of the biggest dangers to bother the young man consists in constant calls on his mobile phone with a question where it is. Similar calls, finally, can fairly anger the guy, and he will simply switch-off phone. By the way, as an alternative, it is possible to leave the phone at home and to force it to worry enough and think of why darling does not answer its calls.

Also you should not forget that the guy needs personal time and space. Therefore it is worth releasing him on soccer or on fishing, having made it at the first request. For certain he will think why it was so easily released and, even being in the company of friends, will find time to call.

It is not necessary to try to change and "re-educate" the young man. Especially as to make it, most likely, all the same it will not turn out. It is necessary to learn to love the person it what he is, or to release him and most to move off in searches of an ideal. It is not necessary to be jealous the guy, the jealousy is always diffidence. You should not spy on him at all, to look through its e-mail and the SMS message. If he finds the girl behind similar occupation, it can end is very deplorable.

How to become unique

It is not necessary to impose to the young man society of the girlfriends, to force it to participate in ladies' actions and to listen to an infinite talk about movie stars, fashionable diets, etc. All this depresses some men. If there is desire to have a rest and vanish, to go better with the girlfriend on shops, to cafe or hairdressing salon. From time to time it is necessary to ask the guy about the help (even if in it there is no special need), and then it is obligatory to praise him. It is always pleasant to people to be near those who appreciate them and need them. If he suddenly makes something not so, you should not focus attention on it, it is better to remake when he does not see it. It is worth to rememberIt is worth to remember also about own appearance. It is possible to start doing fitness, to change a hairstyle and a make-up from time to time. It is necessary to fall in love with himself and not to forget to indulge with purchase of fashionable clothes, silk linen and quality cosmetics. Such girl will hardly be able to bother. It is quite good to find to itself a fascinating hobby – to begin to draw, dance, learn foreign languages, etc. In other words to be engaged in the fact that it is pleasant and to give the chance to the guy to do the same. It will give new subjects for a talk and will help to banish boredom from life.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team