How not to lose the girlfriend

How not to lose the girlfriend

Many young people are afraid to approach the pleasant girl and to get acquainted with her. However the most difficult not it. It is the most difficult to hold the relations, it demands full disclosure before the partner and works on itself.


1. If you noticed that darling began to move away, do not take offense and you are not silent. At this stage still it is possible to return mutual understanding. Ask darling to give you several minutes. It is the best of all if the conversation happens at home or in favourite cafe. The habitual situation will allow to relax and communicate frankly. Take an interest, whether all as it should be at the second half. Perhaps, it has house problems, with study, at work. And she does not want you to devote in them only because is afraid to upset. Tell that she can reveal to you any secrets, you will not condemn her. Only really do not begin to moralize right after a revelation. Try to understand a situation and to think, than it is possible to help. If you cope with the girl's problem, she will be very grateful to you, cargo will fall from shoulders. And the relations will return to the former course.

2. If the reason of dispassionateness of darling not in own problems, and in your behavior, it is necessary to change most. Of course, completely it is not necessary to adapt to the partner, it will not help to keep the relations. Just listen to its wishes. So just to do pleasant to darlings. Lovely courtesies are that, will hold and will strengthen warm feelings.

3. Remember that the relations have to develop. It is impossible to behave within long months as if you just got acquainted. Become more responsible. Surely tell the girl where and with whom you spend time. You call her if you are late. Acquaint with friends that there were no reasons for concern. It is not control as at first can seem. All taken place couples where partners care about each other act this way.

4. Always you apologize if were guilty. Even the trifling offense is capable to destroy the relations. Just call and apologize. Or write beautiful recognition. All these actions will take at most five minutes. And it is necessary to restore the destroyed peace much longer.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team