How to accelerate pregnancy approach?

How to accelerate pregnancy approach?

For someone news about the forthcoming motherhood suddenly, but is also such parents who long dream of the child. Unfortunately, not one of methods does not give 100% of a guarantee of approach of pregnancy, but you can help the organism and increase chances of good news.

Surely make tests before trying to bring the child. Blood on HIV and venereal diseases, the general blood test, the analysis on existence of parasites, check of chronic diseases, consultation of the gynecologist, stomatologist – not for show and to avoid problems with conception and the course of pregnancy. Visit of the doctor is not less important for the man as it consists in continuous contact with future mother, infection probability is high. If problems with health were found, at first deal with them.

One of the most effective ways of fast conception is tracking an ovulation. If you have an accurate cycle, then also the calendar method will approach. The ovulation occurs approximately in the middle of a cycle. Also you can take basal temperature in the mornings. But it is necessary to measure it during the whole month to see the jump of temperature speaking about an ovulation. For "lazy" there are ready tests for an ovulation. This day "X" the probability to become pregnant is especially high.

Pay attention to the way of life. Refuse alcohol and smoking, begin to eat properly and to move more, accept folic acid. Many attach to this point small significance, for example, continue to drink. It is proved that consumption of alcoholic beverages reduces chances to become pregnant. It is natural that the exhausted organism deprived of vitamins and minerals is less ready to reproduction. Too concerns excessive leanness or completeness. In a word, before caring for the long-awaited kid, properly take care of yourself.

Your emotional spirit is very important. Have a rest, communicate with pleasant people, avoid stresses and be not obsessed with the forthcoming pregnancy. As soon as you relax and neglect everything, long-awaited "miracle" will come true.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team