How to acquaint with parents

How to acquaint with parents

Acquaintance to parents of darling, very important point in life. Acquaint with them if there are serious plans and intentions concerning the future. It is the key to successful and cordial relations further. Be thoroughly prepared. Tell parents about the elect (darling). Describe only merits. The impression of the first acquaintance has to remain pleasant.


1. Coming for the first time to family, bring small gifts. Mame - flowers or candies. To the father - cognac or cigars.

2. Put on modestly, but it is stylish. The fighting coloring is not necessary to the girl. Make a make-up in day style.

3. Do not behave affectedly. Communication has to be easy. It turns out with natural behavior.

4. At a table support a conversation. Answer questions frostily and truthfully. On food do not snatch, but also do not refuse. You praise the prepared dishes.

5. It is necessary to discuss with parents previously issues which do not need to be set at the first acquaintance.

6. If in communication there are difficulties, then it is necessary to come to the rescue of the elect (darling).

7. Long it is not necessary to sit up. For the first acquaintance 1.5-2 hours there are enough.

8. Politely say goodbye, thank for a treat. Take the girl home. You can see the guy to an entrance or a stop.

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