10 favourite phrases of the male manipulator

10 favourite phrases of the male manipulator

The male manipulator makes the woman unfortunate, even on condition of mutual love. How to distinguish it? What signs and features in behavior of the elect have to guard? Actually, the male manipulator it is possible to distinguish already on the first appointment, attentively listening attentively to what it tells.

In love the male manipulator – one of the most dangerous types of the partner. To connect the life with it – means intentionally to doom itself to constantly sense of guilt. It is very important to learn to distinguish such man already at the initial stage of the relations. To make it very simply – on several of its favourite phrases, expressions and on a manner to communicate in general.

Who such male manipulator

Such men pay attention to certain types of women – inexperienced girls, as a rule, very young, those who already "burned" and is in a stressful state after parting with the partner, the ladies who are looking for thrills.                                                                                       

The manipulator it will be obligatory to be interested recent past of the potential partner at acquaintance to it, will try to learn what upsets her why she longs. They meet, as a rule, those who are lonely, who has within walking distance no relatives and friends.

In process of development of the relations with the woman the male manipulator completely subordinates her, is frequent without violence or moral pressure. There is it very quickly, in most cases the partner does not even notice how she falls a victim, begins to live only by rules of the manipulator, only for it and only to them.

The manipulator – the charming man, provident and precautionary at the initial stage of the relations. On the first appointments it looks "very clean", does everything what his woman would feel comfortable and freely. It begins to subordinate itself(himself) the woman when understands – it won her.

How to distinguish the male manipulator

Not to get to "trap" of the male manipulator of which to get out then very difficult, it is necessary to listen attentively to what he tells and that means under by the own words.

Psychologists removed the peculiar "formula" consisting of 10 phrases. On what before you the male manipulator, is specified by the following words:

  • Why you so, I for you … (it does for you very much, and you answer it with ingratitude).
  • Do not think out and do not wind as hysterical … (you silly, you irritate, "you take out a brain" in vain).
  • I thought, and you … (you bring me, I believed in you, you did not meet expectations).
  • If you drive me that will be with me (he will become a bum, will get sick and will die without your attention and love).
  • I apologized why you spoil everything … (he apologized, and you, not grateful, demand bigger - to change).
  • It you to me prompted/made me such … (you are artful, silly, guilty of its mistakes and failures).
  • I thought, our relations are based on trust … (do not demand deception explanations, be silent even if you know the truth).
  • Not to change me any more … (you also are dissatisfied, it was necessary to think at once).
  • Do you understand that you say? (you are silly and you should not climb in those affairs in which you understand nothing).
  • All evil from women" (you are guilty of everything, and more nobody).

These phrases characteristic of the male manipulator "take off" from his lips apropos and without cause. It is ready to cast blame on the partner for everything, for example, for the fact that the wheel lowered, weather changed, it was late somewhere, it has no thing necessary for it.

At the initial stage of the relations the male manipulator can prove phrases "I spoke", "it was necessary to make as wanted I (advised)". These phrases can be said in cafe, at cinema, on walk.

What the relations with the male manipulator are dangerous by

Male manipulators happen three types – gigolos, dictators and flatterers. Each of types is dangerous in own way, and most often psychologists recommend to run from such partners, to stop with them any communication, even friendly, to stop meetings.

Gigolos manipulators elect lonely ladies, as a rule, with high prosperity, childless, that is those at whom the maternal instinct is not realized, a coma is what to share in the material plan. Gigolos, skillfully manipulating the partner, extend at her money, values, ask to buy expensive things, and, as a rule, receive the desirable. Eyes at most of women open only when the partner leaves, carrying away with themselves all valuable.

Dictators often use physical abuse for pressure upon the partner, and then regret, elicit forgiveness, being humiliated and complaining about destiny – she made it such, all around bear it the malice, try to prevent to carry out the desirable. It is possible to distinguish the male manipulator of this type already on the first appointment – it all and with all it is dissatisfied, whether it be cafe or restaurant, movie theater and the ticket collector in it.

The ladies' man does not press on pity, does not elicit and does not humiliate. He does not even notice that he manipulates people around. He can expensively order a dinner at luxury restaurant, buy an expensive gift of darling and not think even that it has on it no means. As a result it is necessary to pay the woman.

It is simple to avoid the union with the male manipulator. It is necessary to look narrowly attentively at the potential elect, to listen to what he tells and as to remember his favourite phrases, to analyze acts.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team